Sandeep Kumar Sex Tape: Details Of Explicit Video Showing Indian Politician With Two Women Emerge As Snippets Of Tape Leak

Sandeep Kumar is embroiled in a sex tape scandal, with a copy of an explicit video of the Indian politician in bed with two women allegedly making its way to a news station and leaking to the internet.

The controversy erupted late on Wednesday when a CD allegedly showing Kumar in a very compromising position was delivered to the office of Delhi chief minister Arvind Kejriwal, NDTV reported. The CD reportedly contained a nine-minute video of Kumar along with 11 photographs.

The scandal didn’t take long to erupt from there, and with it went Kumar’s career. Within half an hour of the video’s delivery, Kejriwal reportedly sacked Kumar, who was the youngest member of his cabinet.

“Recd ‘objectionable’ CD of minister Sandeep Kr. AAP stands for propriety in public life. That can’t be compromised. Removing him from Cabinet wid immediate effect (sic),” Kejriwal tweeted just before 8:30 p.m. on Wednesday.

Sandeep Kumar is not the only cabinet member to find trouble in recent months. As the Hindustan Times reported, he is now the third minister to be removed in the last year and a half, with law minister Jitender Singh Tomar fired after it was found he lied about his college degree and food and supplies minister Asim Ahmed Khan sacked after allegedly taking a bribe.

As the fallout to the latest scandal continues, there are new details emerging about the contents of the Sandeep Kumar sex tape. In a report on Wednesday, ABP News reported that it has possession of the video and shared some of the details.

“ABP News has Delhi Minister Sandeep Kumar sex scandal CD in its possession. In the 9 minute long CD, Sandeep Kumar is seen with two women. The CD contains pictures of Sandeep Kumar in compromising position with one woman. The other part of the CD contains a video with another woman.”

Some snippets of the sex tape have also been released to other television channels, including ABP News which published some censored parts of the video.

A number of other Indian leaders and politicians have spoken out against Sandeep Kumar in the wake of his scandal including Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister of Delhi. In a strongly worded statement, Sisodia said corruption like that showed by Kumar must not be tolerated.

There was a much smaller number of people who defended Kumar online, with some noting that the release of the video was a violation of his privacy and the privacy of the women shown on the tape.

Sandeep Kumar is not the first politician to be targeted with the release of a sex tape. In a strikingly similar case from Zimbabwe, young and promising Youth Council Chair Acie Lumumba saw his career fall apart after a sex tape was released.

Lumumba claimed that the video was taken from his home during an illegal police search and released to the public as a form of political retribution against him. In the months before the tape’s release, Lumumba was embroiled in scandal after he was accused of filtering funds meant for youth projects to his own company.

He denied the charges and later claimed that the sex tape release was a way to get back at him. Some censored images of the video were published in H-Metro, one of the nation’s largest newspapers.

“Today it was announced by H-Metro that video recordings of private nature will soon be released to the public. The recordings are of me having sex,” Lumumba told Zimbabwe News. “I am sure that curiosity and prurient interest will cause some people to watch these recordings. This cannot be helped.”

So far, Sandeep Kumar has not responded publicly to his sex tape scandal.

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