CM Punk ‘Better Have Improved Tremendously, Or He’s Dead,’ Fighter Says

CM Punk will soon be facing D-day against the young but unbeaten Mickey Gall, and now that footage of his training is being released, people are concerned.

Among the vocal are Gall himself. The 2-0 fighter appeared on a recent episode of UFC Unfiltered to discuss the dim future of CM Punk (real name: Phil Brooks), and he did not mince words.

“There’s no way this guy beats me. I’ll dominate him 100 percent,” Gall said in comments to podcast host Jim Norton. “I move like an athlete. I don’t see that with him,” Gall added.

When Norton brought up Brock Lesnar successfully making the pro wrestling to MMA transition, Gall said that unlike Brock, who was an NCAA National Champion wrestler, Punk is a showman only. Lesnar was just 6-3 as a professional in the octagon, but he was the former UFC heavyweight champion.

While the UFC 203 opponent of CM Punk acknowledged that there was a likelihood the former WWE World Heavyweight Champion had improved from the first footage dump and that there are “still two episodes to go,” he added that CM Punk “better have improved tremendously or he’s dead.”

“When we get in the s**t, those bad clunky habits will come out, and I’ll expose him,” Gall said.

While it certainly didn’t sound like a complimentary interview towards CM Punk, Gall did say he had “total respect” for what Punk had accomplished inside a WWE ring.

“I respect the talent and greatness there, but now it’s for real. It’s a different world. Every time he’s been in the ring, it’s been choreographed for him to some degree.”

Gall told Norton that he believes CM Punk will try bringing the fight to him, but “he has a two-year-old vocabulary, and me, I’ve been doing this for eight years. I welcome that. I hope he does. He’ll walk into some big punches and go down early.”

Despite having just two professional fights, Gall is significantly more experienced than CM Punk, who only began training seriously two years ago, and who has yet to have a professional or amateur fight.

Gall has had both, and he’s unbeaten. This will create a situation, he said, where CM Punk will have to think about what he’s doing, while Gall will be on auto-pilot for the most part.


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Should the fight go the way Gall has planned, he anticipates a first-round knockout victory over CM Punk, although he said he’s fine with it if it goes to the second.

What he isn’t fine with, however, is “if I’m not completely dominating. Then, I’m underperforming.” When Norton asked if he would be disappointed with himself if CM Punk gives him a tough time, he answered, “Absolutely 100 percent.”

Gall is already talking some heavy-duty trash against one of the best trash-talkers in the business; a fact he is aware of, he said. But that’s no bother because “I got the truth on my side.”

“When I say I will dominate him, I’m confident I will. I’m not worried about him being slick on the mic,” Gall said.

Gall was also aware that some would find it unfair that he and a yet-to-fight-anyone CM Punk are a co-main event. However, he decided not to bash Punk for that since he only has two fights under his belt.

“I’d be a real a**hole to say it’s unfair. I’m being given a great opportunity. He’s going to sell tickets.”

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[Image via WWE]