Hillary Clinton Vs. Donald Trump Polls: With Both Candidates Now Tied In New Poll, Trump To Make Trip To Mexico

Republican nominee for president of the United States Donald Trump continues to narrow the gap against Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton, according to Reuters/Ipsos polling data that was released on Monday night. The poll, which has data until August 29, included 1,397 respondents. While it is not specifically stated, it appears as though it was conducted online. This particular poll generally has a measure of accuracy of three percentage points, but this information is also not stated.

Regardless, 39.7 percent of potential voters now support Hillary Clinton, and 39.1 percent of potential voters now support Donald Trump. Since the margin of error is likely to be three percentage points, both candidates should be considered even. This continues Clinton’s steady decline in the Reuters/Ipsos poll over the past 10 days. The August 20 poll showed that 44.3 percent of potential voters supported her, which was the highest figure in over a month. Only 34 percent of voters supported Trump.

On August 22, 44.8 percent of voters supported Clinton. Only 32.8 percent of voters supported Trump on that same day. Since August 22, Clinton has gone on a steady decline, and Trump has actually gained support. On August 27, the gap narrowed to a difference of 0.4 percentage points, with 39.3 percent of potential voters supporting Clinton and 38.9 percent of voters supporting Trump.

As the Inquisitr reported, Trump was rapidly losing support among potential voters a few weeks ago. On the poll taken from August 18-22, Clinton led Trump by 12 percentage points, which was her highest lead in months. She had led Trump by over 13 points in a Reuters/Ipsos poll taken in June, but Trump chipped away at the lead. He actually overtook her after the Republican National Convention, but Clinton quickly regained her lead after the Democratic National Convention. The August 22-25 poll showed both candidates within five percentage points of one another, and the August 29 polling data continues the trend of Trump gaining support.

While the Reuters/Ipsos poll results are now favorable for Trump, some believe the poll was altered in July to favor Clinton. In speaking to Breitbart, political strategist Pat Caddell thinks the changing in the presentation of polling data comes close to “cooking the results” for Clinton.

“It is, beyond doubt, the most outrageous thing. On July 25, they originally reported: Trump 40.3 percent and Clinton 37.2 percent, which was a Trump margin of 2.8. They have recalculated that now–which I have never heard of–they changed that data, to be: Clinton 40.9 and Trump 38.4, which is a 2.5 margin for Clinton. Now look at July 26. On July 26 they had Trump at 41.5 percent and Hillary at 36.3. That was a 5.2 Trump margin. Then, in the new calculation, they claim that Clinton was 41.1 percent, Trump was 37.5, and the margin was 3.6 for Clinton. Same poll. Two different results. Recalculated, after you’ve announced the other results.”

Since there are no laws regarding polling, Caddell notes that nothing can be done if the change in presentation was put into to place to favor Clinton.

“This comes as close as I have ever seen to cooking the results. I suppose you can get away with it in polling because there are no laws. But, if this was accounting, they would put them in jail.”

While Trump has gotten off course numerous times over the past few months, it appears as though he is finally attempting to appeal to a much broader audience. As Reuters reports, Trump is traveling to Mexico today in order to discuss immigration issues with President Enrique Pena Nieto. One of Trump’s main objectives has been to build the wall and deport illegal immigrants from the United States. While it still appears as though this is one of his main campaign points, he has said that he would consider softening his stance for illegal families that have strong ties in the United States.

With the election close to two months away, the polls between Republican nominee for president of the United States Donald Trump and Democratic nominee Hillary Clinton could continue to swing. Both candidates have their question marks, and neither is particularly trusted and well-liked among the general population.

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