Izzy Goodkind Admits Watching Brett Melnick Pursue Lauren Himle After She Broke Up With Vinny Ventiera For Him Was Karma

Izzy Goodkind admits that watching Brett Melnick, whom she broke up with Vinny Ventiera for, later pursue Lauren Himle on Bachelor in Paradise was karma at work. As the scene aired of Brett going off with Lauren on a double date and having a great time with her, Izzy tweeted about karma.

The day prior, Izzy admitted that she cried and wasn’t okay when going through her first rose ceremony without Vinny.

Several people left comments on Izzy’s tweets telling her that she should have stayed with Vinny and that she made a mistake breaking up with him for Brett.

On Instagram, in response to a photo that Izzy posted of herself on Tuesday morning, a viewer bashed Izzy for what she did for Vinny and expressed hope that karma was going to get her.

“living.the.life.of.lia: I get it we don’t know the ins of the relationship but from what what we saw on The show…Vinny leaving heartbroken… Was pretty messed up of you to be the cause of that. With that being said after that you’ll get what you deserve #karmadear#vinnyisamazingandgenuine#ihopehefindstrueloveawayfromyou!!!!! Good luck to you.”

Izzy’s karma tweet seems to show that she acknowledges the opinion of many viewers that she deserved what happened with Brett because of how she treated Vinny but has a sense of humor about it.

Last week on Bachelor in Paradise, Vinny Ventiera left after Izzy Goodkind admitted to him that she felt an immediate attraction to Brett Melnick upon his arrival and wanted to explore a relationship with him. Izzy even told Vinny that Brett was her perfect man physically and that while she was 100 percent sure of being in a relationship with Vinny before, she was now only 70 percent sure with the arrival of Brett. Izzy felt and admitted all of this despite the fact that she had been coupled up with Vinny since the start of the show and barely even knew Brett. Vinny, not surprisingly, was extremely hurt and disappointed that Izzy was willing to throw away everything that they had simply because she found Brett more attractive. Not willing to be Izzy’s second choice, Vinny left the show early as Izzy cried and apologized.

While Monday night’s episode didn’t show Brett and Izzy really getting to know one another, it did show Brett fending off Daniel Maguire’s attempt to get Izzy’s rose and passionately kissing her. At the rose ceremony, Izzy gave her rose to Brett.

Izzy’s burgeoning relationship with Brett was disrupted when, as shown on Tuesday night’s episode, Shushanna Mkrtychyan and Lauren Himle, both from Ben Higgins’ season of The Bachelor like Izzy, arrived with date cards. Brett said that Lauren looked “scrumptious” and that he wanted to “eat her up.” Shushanna asked Wells Adams out on a date while Lauren asked Brett out. The four had a great time together on a surfing double date. Brett certainly didn’t seem to have Izzy on his mind as he declared, “I brought my b***hes to the beaches.” Izzy, not surprisingly, was not pleased to see Brett with Lauren.

It seems that Izzy has no hard feelings, at least towards Lauren. Izzy tweeted to Lauren that she has nothing but love for her.

In a recap of Monday night’s episode for Hollywood Life, Izzy talked about how Lace Morris and Grant Kemp, with whom she and Vinny double dated and were good friends with, were able to work through their disagreement and remain together. Izzy admitted that perhaps she and Vinny should have behaved more like Lace and Grant.

“Lace and Grant took a small step back, scaring everyone of a possible ‘Team VIZZY’ situation round 2 but came out on top proving their strength as a couple. They overcame the hurdle by discussing the issues at hand, (maybe Vinny and I should have tried that? #rewind).”

Of course, Lace and Grant’s issue was more of a communication one and wasn’t one of them being really attracted to another person and wanting to be with that person.

So far, Vinny Ventiera, who actually recently hung out with Lauren Himle and a few other franchise alums, has yet to comment on social media about what happened with Izzy and Brett. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, Vinny last week stuck up for Izzy, telling people to stop bullying her on social media.

The final two episodes of Bachelor in Paradise season 3 airs next week. Will viewers see Izzy Goodkind leave with Brett Melnick or will it be Izzy who leaves in tears this time?

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