June 29, 2017
‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Did Zakiyah Try To Sabotage Jatalie, Did Natalie Joke About Using James For Game, Is James A Legend In His Own Mind?

Late night live feeds from inside the Big Brother 18 house have been fairly calm over the past 24 hours with the exception of some gossiping and discussion about a showmance and houseguest popularity once the show ends.

In the wee hours of Wednesday morning, Michelle Meyer revealed what she believed were Zakiyah Everette's intentions regarding Jatalie (the nickname for the showmance between James Huling and Natalie Negrotti), Natalie quipped about using James for gameplay, and James discussed the enormous amount of popularity he thinks he has with the viewing public.

On August 31, at around 1 a.m. Big Brother 18 house time, Michelle, who was nominated for eviction by week 10 Head of Household (HOH) Nicole Franzel, began discussing previously evicted houseguest Zakiyah. According to TV Grapevine, Michelle, speaking to Natalie, James, and Paul Abrahamian in the London bedroom, said Zakiyah purposely acted as if she was some kind of "psych doctor" in order to somehow prove to James that Natalie had no real interest in him and knew nothing about him to presumably sabotage their relationship.
Natalie was slightly miffed, but then, according to TV Grapevine, she proclaimed, "Oh, that's nice… karma got her… Karma!" Of course, Natalie then brought up that she informed Zakiyah about her showmance partner, Paulie Calafiore, and how he was flirty with her because she was "looking out" for Zakiyah.
TV Grapevine reports James chimed in by saying other cast members are trying to sabotage Jatalie, and Natalie's response was "f*** everyone in this house," noting she and James could marry after Big Brother 18 ends.

Only about 30 minutes after that lively conversation took place, Natalie, apparently made a joke regarding her showmance partner. According to TV Grapevine, shortly after 1:30 a.m., Natalie announced she had a secret, then revealed, jokingly of course, that she has been using James to get through the Big Brother 18 game, also reported by #BB18 Feed Updates. Michelle played along, saying, "I knew it," as Paul asked if Natalie's plan was working. James interjected by noting that it certainly was because Natalie has only been on the chopping block once.

Although Natalie played off her statement about James as if it was in jest, there are some fans, and other houseguests, who believe Jatalie is anything but a real showmance. These naysayers believe that Natalie thinks because James was given the designation of America's Favorite Player in Season 17 of Big Brother, he is a likable player, which will aid her in getting to the end of the game.
At one point in the game, Corey Brooks, who's in a showmance with Nicole, told her that Natalie constantly flirts with him and admitted she does not like James at all, as previously reported by the Inquistr. Corey said he didn't tell James what was said because he didn't want to hurt him.
Nonetheless, the hardcore fans seem to think (or hope) Natalie's feelings for James are genuine, as in an ongoing Big Brother Network poll asking if she's using James, a majority of those participating (45.93%) believe Natalie truly likes him. It should be noted, however, that in this same poll, about 28% believe Natalie's flirting is fake and simply to advance her game, while around 26% are unsure and find it "too hard to tell."
No matter the outcome of Jatalie, James will probably be just fine, as he is confident of his popularity with the public. At around 2 a.m., he bragged, according to TV grapevine, about being a "legend" in his home state of Texas.
James told Paul he is from a small town, which is probably why he gained such fame in the area, and when he goes out, he takes a minimum of 10 photographs each time with people on the street, according to #BB18 Feed Updates. He has done interviews with his local CBS stations, he stated, where he's introduced as a "local celebrity," and he was featured in all of the local newspapers. James also noted that he believes his popularity will grow even stronger following Big Brother 18. Unfortunately, one Twitter poll seems to indicate otherwise.
For now, James and Natalie, or Jatalie, have nothing to worry about regarding their game this week, as each is safe. Michelle, on the other hand, may not be, as she is the intended target to be sent to jury Thursday, with Paul sitting next to her on the chopping block as a pawn. But, things can change quickly in the Big Brother 18 house, so until the votes are cast for eviction, nothing is certain.

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