August 31, 2016
Marvel's 'Doctor Strange' Movie Cameos, Sneak Peak Into Characters, Possible Leak Shows List By Dan Harmon -- Did He Write Dormammu Encounter? [Spoilers]

The Doctor Strange movie is upon us and with it, a sneak peek into the Marvel characters of The Ancient One, played by Tilda Swinton, and Baron 'Karl' Mordo, as portrayed by Chiwetel Ejiofor. Also included in this featurette is the film's main villain, Kaecilius, played by Mads Mikkelsen. Marvel Entertainment revealed more information regarding the supporting characters.

This looks to be a great supporting ensemble, and they will be training the superhero as they usher him into a world of saving lives in a fashion he isn't used to. The world of Doctor Strange combines the Marvel Cinematic Universe into the multiverse. That said, an inter-dimensional future could be likely as the phases progress.

What role do you think they will have if they should ever meet up with The Avengers?

What Is Known About Doctor Strange And A Possible Leaked Spoiler

Previously, the willful Sorcerer Supreme was mentioned in another Marvel movie flick to tease the audience about the future of the MCU. If you recall the Agent Sitwell interrogation scene in Captain America: Winter Soldier, the scene teased a connection.

Marvel Studios' Kevin Feige said earlier this year that "we will see glimpses of something called the Dark Dimension," according to Newsarama. Apparently, this is a venue in which Dormammu exists.

Speaking of which, something was overlooked since the passing of the 2016 San Diego Comic-Con. Writer Dan Harmon, who was brought on board to write new scenes for Doctor Strange, was at the convention where he may have inadvertently exposed the existence of the dimensional villain. It was there he was attempting to tease something about the Community show, but upon closer look, there was some kind of file or "to-do" list where one of the pieces said, "Strange confronts Dormammu," according to a Marvel Studios Reddit post.

Though you have to take this exposure by Harmon with a grain of salt as this can cause a great stir in the Marvel Cinematic Universe fan base, but this does make sense since Feige said himself that the Dark Dimension does exist in the Marvel movie.

Doctor Strange Supporting Characters

However, Kaecilius is the only known villain at this point and is said to run with the "Zealots," according to Feige. And they are "seduced by what they find on the other side." Seduced by whom? Dormammu?
Feige also mentions that Kaecilius "is interested in spilling the barriers between these dimensions."

The Marvel president did use the plural form when referring to villains in his statement during the behind-the-scenes featurette. However, a few days back there was chatter via The Hashtag Show on YouTube. That said, there was announced a Doctor Strange prelude comic that features the Sorcerer Supreme training with the likes of Wong, Daniel Drumm, Tina Minoru, and yes, even the movie villain, Kaecilius.

The Doctor Strange movie was reported by The Hashtag Show to reveal minor roles for some of the characters above such as Tina Minoru and Daniel Drumm's brother, Jericho, also known as Brother Voodoo.

Another interesting side piece of information is that Tina is the mother to Nico Minoru, who is a member of The Runaways, which is a show slated for Hulu, according to Deadline Hollywood.

This prelude comic seems to be a pretty nice tie-in to the Doctor Strange movie as it would nicely streamline into an origin story. Feige gives a description of Strange before becoming a superhero, according to Newsarama.

"Strange an arrogant neurosurgeon in Manhattan, living a very opulent lifestyle. He gets into a horrible car accident and his hands, the tools by which he can do amazing surgeries, are mangled and destroyed. That starts his downward path, and that's why Benedict Cumberbatch is such a great choice - you can go to the highest heights and lowest lows with him and he won't lose you."
The Doctor Strange movie is set to release come Nov. 4. What supporting Marvel characters are you looking forward to seeing?

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