Pennsylvania Woman Tierne Ewing Found Murdered, Allegedly By Husband Out On Bail After Previously Abducting Her [Video]

In a horribly tragic case out of Pennsylvania, Tierne Ewing, a 48-year-old woman who was abducted by her estranged and abusive husband Tuesday, has been found dead. Reportedly, the body of the Pennsylvania woman was found in a local barn. Local law enforcement was called to the scene when a vehicle belonging to the pair was found nearby.

Police officers from the township of South Strabane and the Pennsylvania State Police reportedly swarmed the barn at around 11 p.m. on Tuesday night. When they made their way inside the outbuilding, they reportedly found Tierne Ewing deceased at the scene, and her husband (and alleged abductor and murderer), 47-year-old Kevin Ewing, injured nearby. Reportedly, Tierne had been shot twice: once in the head and once in the body.

As Fox News reports, the husband of Pennsylvania woman Tierne Ewing was suffering from a self-inflicted gunshot wound. Authorities have confirmed that Kevin Ewing shot himself in the head, but they are not commenting on or confirming his condition. Mr. Ewing was reportedly taken to a local hospital for his injuries. He was also charged with kidnapping Pennsylvania woman Tierne Ewing, who he’d allegedly snatched from her home at around 12:30 a.m. on Tuesday.

It was the second time in just the last few months that Kevin Ewing was charged with kidnapping for abducting his wife. Reportedly, at the time of Tierne Ewing’s Tuesday abduction and murder, the 47-year-old man was free on bond pending an upcoming trial for allegedly kidnapping and beating her earlier this summer.

In that instance, Kevin Ewing is accused of abducting his wife and sadistically abusing her for two weeks while he held her against her will. The previous kidnapping allegedly involving Pennsylvania woman Tierne Ewing and her husband took place from June 26 go July 8.

In that case, Tierne Ewing was allegedly beaten by her husband, pistol-whipped, bound with wire, and branded with hot metal. Following that horribly violent incident, Kevin Ewing faced an array of criminal charges, including false imprisonment, kidnapping, terroristic threats, and aggravated assault, among others.

A judge handling the previous abduction case of Kevin Ewing set the man’s bail at $100,000, which Mr. Ewing managed to post on July 11, just days after he was arrested for the almost inconceivably violent crime he allegedly committed against Tierne Ewing.

When the estranged husband of Pennsylvania woman Tierne Ewing was released from custody, it was a conditional release. He was supposed to be on house arrest and was being monitored via an ankle bracelet. However, that ankle bracelet was not court ordered to be programmed to provide Kevin Ewing’s GPS coordinates. The judge in the case apparently decided that Mr. Ewing didn’t require that level of monitoring. Because of that decision, the ankle bracelet only alerted probation officials if and when the Pennsylvania woman’s allegedly violent husband left his home, but not where he went.

According to local prosecutors handling the previous abduction case of Pennsylvania woman Tierne Ewing, they were very concerned about Kevin Ewing being released from custody. Washington County District Attorney Eugene Vittone has said that he hadn’t expected Mr. Ewing to post bail on the previous charges. When he did, prosecutors were very concerned that he may continue to put his wife’s life in danger.

However, Judge Michael Lucas opted to allow the allegedly violent and dangerous husband of Pennsylvania woman Tierne Ewing to remain free with nothing but a non-GPS enabled ankle monitoring bracelet between him and his allegedly brutalized wife.

As the New York Daily News reports, the events leading to Tuesday’s tragic murder began with an abduction at gunpoint. Authorities allege that Mr. Ewing showed up at Pennsylvania woman Tierne Ewing’s home just after midnight and, brandishing a gun, forced his estranged wife into his vehicle.

Local police reportedly searched desperately for Kevin Ewing and his terrified wife, using community support and police vehicles, including helicopters. When they finally discovered the missing pair after locating the car allegedly used in the abduction, it was too late.

The devastated father of murdered Pennsylvania woman Tierne Ewing, Richard Kopko, spoke briefly to the media after learning of his daughter’s death. He said that Kevin Ewing had been in his daughter’s life since eighth grade and harassing her nearly as long.

“He’s nuts. He has beaten her several times. He’s been harassing her since then. All I know is that my daughter’s dead.”

According to Kopko, Tierne Ewing lived in fear of her estranged husband and was failed by the system that should have protected her, particularly after Kevin Ewing allegedly abducted and terrorized her earlier in the summer.

At this point, it is unclear what physical condition Kevin Ewing may be in or what additional charges he may be facing in connection with the abduction and murder of Pennsylvania woman Tierne Ewing.

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