Did Tim Canova Win The Florida 23rd Congressional District Primary? Find Live Election Results For His Primary Battle Against Debbie Wasserman Schultz

Did Tim Canova win the Florida 23rd Congressional District primary against Debbie Wasserman Schultz?

Followers across the nation will be able to get live results of the primary battle with the successor to the Bernie Sanders revolution taking on the face of the Democratic Party establishment in a Sunshine State battle. Voting in the primary takes place on Tuesday, with polls closing at 7 p.m. and results expected to come in during the hours that follow.

After the end of the Democratic primary, Tim Canova became the biggest face of the revolution started by runner-up Bernie Sanders. He was one of the earliest endorsements for Sanders and, in turn, was endorsed by the Vermont Senator.

Canova was also one of the biggest beneficiaries of Our Revolution, a non-profit organization that emerged from the ashes of the failed Bernie Sanders campaign in an effort to continue his political revolution. The group organized fundraising efforts for Canova and gave him a public endorsement against Wasserman Schultz.

“This race is very important for Our Revolution because if we can win this tough fight in Florida, it will send a clear message about the power of our grassroots movement that will send shockwaves through the political media establishment,” the group noted.

Those looking to find out if Tim Canova won the Florida Congressional primary could see the turning of a new page for the Democratic Party. Wasserman Schultz has come under fire for her performance as the chair of the Democratic National Committee; both her part in the party’s failures to make gains in Congress and for her apparent favoring of Hillary Clinton during the primary.

Sanders came into conflict with Debbie Wasserman Schultz often during the primary, and a recent release of thousands of DNC emails showed that many within the party were openly disdainful of Sanders and even discussed ways to sink his campaign, though it was unclear if any steps were actually taken.

“The recent emails leaked from Democrat Party staff showed that under Debbie Wasserman Schultz, DNC staff were not exactly fair and even-minded during the presidential primary,” Our Revolution noted in its endorsement of Tim Canova. “What was revealed wasn’t much of a shock to us, because we knew all along that the establishment wasn’t on our side.”

Canova has won the support of many Bernie Sanders followers, with people from across the country helping the challenger raise a total of $3.8 million, NBC News noted. That has allowed Canova, a local law professor, to buy a number of ads and mount a strong campaign against a challenger once seen as one of the safer seats in Congress.

It will still be an uphill battle as Tim Canova tries to win Tuesday’s primary. Debbie Wasserman Schultz remains very popular among her constituents, and Hillary Clinton won the district easily over Sanders as well.

But Canova has also tried to establish his name on his own, even showing a bit of relief that Sanders didn’t make a trip down to the district to campaign for him.

“Bernie is not on the ballot, and I think coming here might have presented certain liabilities anyway, so it might be a blessing that he never came,” Canova told NBC News, adding that he believed Sanders ran a “lousy campaign” in Florida and failed to connect with the state’s diverse demographics.

Despite his efforts to distance himself from Bernie Sanders, Tim Canova remains inexorably tied to the Vermont Senator, NBC News noted.

Still, everyone acknowledges the race has attracted outsize attention and money as a proxy fight between Sanders and Wasserman Schultz.

“I don’t know how much of it is an anti-vote and how much of it is a pro-vote,” said Canova supporter Pat Graef of those who will vote for Canova. ‘Probably 50-50.'”

And as much the proxy war put Canova on the map, it also put him in a box. Constantly asked about and compared to Sanders, it’s made it harder for Canova to distinguish himself.

Those who want to find out if Tim Canova won Tuesday’s primary against Debbie Wasserman Schultz can click here for full results of the Florida 23rd Congressional District primary.

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