‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Corey Brooks Wants To Pay James Huling To Throw Next ‘BB18’ HOH Competition

Big Brother 18 spoilers from Monday (August 29) could create an interesting twist. The latest BB18 Care Package went to Corey Brooks, who has the ability to pay another houseguest $5,000 as a bribe. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, the house already hosted the Veto ceremony earlier on Monday, setting the stage for the upcoming “live” eviction on Thursday night (September). Head of Household Nicole Franzel has complete control of the vote after winning the Veto competition, giving her and Corey a lot of power for the next few days.

At the Veto ceremony, Nicole decided to keep the nominations the same, meaning either Michelle Meyer or Paul Abrahamian is joining the BB18 jury next. Following the Veto decision by Nicole, there has been a lot of discussion about how Corey could use his Care Package power. A report from fan site Joker’s Updates suggests that their original plan has been set aside as the showmance tries to figure out a way to control James Huling for the next week. Corey wants to bribe James to throw the HOH competition on Thursday night.

Now this bribe isn’t the same as the one that James Huling and Nicole Franzel were caught trying to pull off last week in the BB18 house. In another report by the Inquisitr, Big Brother 18 spoilers revealed that James and Nicole were plotting to give other houseguests $10,000 in cash. The idea was that if Nicole, James, Corey Brooks, and Natalie Negrotti all made it to the final four, should James or Nicole then win, they would give $10,000 each to the other members of the final four. Production was not pleased with the negotiations.

This time, the bribe is being sponsored by production as a way to spice up the game. With James, Nicole, Natalie, and Michelle out of the running for a Care Package this week, America voted to give Corey the power to shake up the BB18 house. He had a lot of trouble figuring out how it worked, with Nicole struggling to get him to understand how he could use it to benefit their game. Now Corey feels that he could turn James against Natalie with this bribe, even while Nicole tells him that it is a terrible plan.

Originally, Corey and Nicole had agreed on a plan to use the $5,000 bribe on Victor Arroyo. The idea was for Corey to offer Victor $5,000 to vote against Michelle Meyer at the next eviction ceremony. Nicole had become very worried that Victor was going to abandon Paul Abrahamian and team up with the other three houseguests. That would then lead to Paul getting evicted next, which is something Nicole doesn’t want happening while she is the Head of Household. This is all just paranoia taking over, though, as there is no separating Paul and Victor this season.


The rules of the Care Package bribe state that it is in play through the next HOH competition. There have been many mentions of how Corey Brooks could use the bribe in other Big Brother 18 spoilers, but he simply hasn’t come close to pulling the trigger on anything yet. That could change in the next 72 hours, though, especially if the drama starts to build up around Michelle. She still doesn’t seem overly concerned about the next eviction ceremony, even though there have been moments where she appeared close to breaking down. Could she stir up drama before Thursday night?

when u realize u’ve no chance at AFP, paul’s staying, french fries will give u nightmares & zaulie is in jury #bb18 pic.twitter.com/t5fPMX1KyU

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If used correctly, this Care Package bribe could change the entire game. Corey certainly has a big power in his hands that could shape how the rest of the summer 2016 season plays out, but he has to listen to Nicole Franzel and use it in the correct fashion. That would certainly lead to some intriguing Big Brother 18 spoilers over the next few days, especially if he convinces someone to throw the next BB18 Head of Household competition in exchange for the $5,000.

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