Victoria Martens Tragedy: Family Of Slain 10-Year-Old Speaks Out

The family of Victoria Martens came together and spoke to the media today; it was the first public statement made by the family since the tragedy of Victoria’s heinous murder was discovered. The family members stood together in solidarity and spoke through spokeswoman, and Victoria’s godmother, Laura Bobbs. They didn’t take or answer any questions, and Bobbs implored the media to respect the family’s wishes for privacy as they struggle with grief and the real-life aftermath of the Victoria Martens tragedy.

As KOB 4 reports, the press conference took place at A Park Above, and the family used the opportunity to share their grief with the world. Through their spokeswoman, they talked of the things that they still need to do to lay Victoria Martens to rest and to ensure that #JusticeforVictoria becomes a reality.

“I should not be standing here and this family should not be standing behind me in grief.”

Here is what the family of Victoria Martens had to say about the tragedy of her murder, which took place just one day after she turned 10-years-old.

The world first learned of the Victoria Martens tragedy when the body of the young girl was found at an Albuquerque apartment complex on August 24. Details about the crime were sketchy at first, with local law enforcement only confirming that they’d found a deceased child at the address, and that her remains had apparently been lit on fire. Initial reports indicated that there was one person responsible for the death of the child, the crime scene had been terrible, that the police had their suspect in custody, and they didn’t foresee an additional threat to the community.

All of that changed on Thursday, however, when police revealed more information about the Victoria Martens murder. On Thursday, so many horrifying details about Victoria’s last moments were released that her friends, loved ones, and the world at large were left in shock, anger, and fury. Seasoned police officers choked up when describing the crime, and many called it one of the worst in New Mexico history.

“This homicide is the most gruesome act of evil I have ever seen in my career. A complete disregard of human life.”

The murder of Victoria Martens was a horrible tragedy, for the family, community, and nation. It was made worse not just by the circumstances of the crime, which prosecutors and police allege included a forcible drugging of the girl, sexual assault, strangling, stabbing, murder and desecration of her corpse through dismemberment and burning, but also by who is believed to have carried out the terrible murder of Victoria Martens.

According to Albuquerque police, their initial suspect, Jessica Kelley, didn’t act alone. Rather, police allege that Victoria Marten’s own mother, Michelle Martens, and Michelle’s boyfriend of one month, Fabian Gonzales, also played roles in the tragedy.

Police say that Michelle Martens looked on and did nothing to help or protect her daughter while Gonzales forcibly injected Victoria Martens with methamphetamine to “calm her down,” before he then sexually assaulted the girl along with Kelley, his cousin. After the rape, Gonzales allegedly choked Victoria while Kelley stabbed the 10-year-old in the stomach. Reportedly, at no point during the (reportedly drug-fueled) assault, torture, and murder of Victoria Martens did her mother try to intervene or stop the tragedy from unfolding.

All three suspects in the tragic, horrifying death of Victoria Martens have been arrested. Each one is being held at the Bernalillo County Jail on a separate $1 million bond.

During Monday’s press conference, the family of Victoria Martens spoke out about the tragedy and the long road ahead for her loved ones who hope to see justice served in the case. Currently, their most pressing concern is retrieving Victoria Martens’ body from the state medical examiner and ensuring that the 10-year-old is properly laid to rest after the tragedy that took her life far too soon.

Through their spokeswoman, Laura Bobbs, Victoria Martens’ family spoke out not just about Victoria’s death, but about the epidemic of child abuse that has plagued Albuquerque for decades.

“They have few rights and no one to speak for them. Today we speak for children and for the voice of Little Victoria.”

The family of Victoria Martens also thanked the community in general and the first responders who came upon the scene of Victoria’s death in particular. Bobbs recognized and gave thanks for all of the support they have given to Victoria and the fight for justice in her death. The family, via Bobbs, thanked locals and those around the world for their words and actions of love, including the memorials and vigils that have taken place for Victoria Martens in the aftermath of the tragedy that ended her life.

“We first thank the first responders who answered 911 calls from dispatchers who entered into what they call the most repulsive crime scene they had ever witnessed with a child involved.

“Most of all, thank you to the residents of Albuquerque, as well as statewide for your cards flowers makeshift memorials as you pay respectful homage to our precious angel.”

The family of Victoria Martens implored those who have supported and grieved for little Victoria after learning about the tragedy to keep sending their love, prayers, and good vibes to the family. As their spokeswoman stated, they will need them as they traverse the rough road they face in the near future.

According to the family, this will be the last press conference they give regarding the Victoria Martens tragedy, at least until after the trial; at that time it is possible they may speak publicly again, however their primary goal at this point is getting #JusticeforVictoria.

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