‘The Fosters’: What To Expect From Season 4 Finale, ‘We Are Leaving On More Than One Cliffhanger’

The Fosters Season 4 finale will be airing tonight on Freeform, but before it does, the show’s co-creator and executive producer, Peter Paige, is revealing some hints as to what the fans should expect from one of the most intense finales in The Fosters’ history.

“We are leaving on more than one cliffhanger,” Paige told Parade during an exclusive interview. “On a scale of one to ten of intensity, the finale is about a 15. All the stories that have been building over the last ten or 20 episodes are coming to a head. Some of them will be resolved and some of them will not.”


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The Fosters Season 4 premiere started where the Season 3 finale left off. We saw Nick, who had been dating Mariana, with a gun, heading into the high school. While we didn’t know his intentions, fans assumed he was going in after Mariana. Throughout the episode, Stef and the rest of the police force searched for Nick, who ended up being in the Foster’s home. Nick eventually made himself known to Mariana, who then comforted him and told him she still loved him, despite the kiss with Matt. Nick was arrested and sent to a mental hospital, where he requested to see Mariana, who again told him that she still loved him and that she is still his girlfriend. Now, Nick is out and trouble seems to be looming.

“Mariana got herself in too deep,” Paige said. “She had this very violating experience with Nick and went to set some boundaries with him, found herself getting manipulated and feeling sorry for him, and didn’t know how to handle it, which is very, very understandable. I don’t want anyone to think we are victim-blaming Mariana. She found herself in a situation where Nick has a very different idea of the status of their relationship than she does, and that is going to complicate things.”

Aside from Mariana’s drama with taking Jesus’ ADHD pills and dealing with Nick, another Foster daughter is getting herself in over her head. Throughout Season 4, we have seen Callie play detective in hopes of freeing her former foster brother from prison, since she believes he is being charged with a murder he didn’t commit. During last week’s episode, Callie also overheard Mike talking to Stef, revealing his true feelings about her.

“Profoundly. Callie has always struggled with her self-image and her self-worth. To hear someone talk about her in such frank and harsh terms is pretty devastating for her. It would be devastating for anyone of us, much less a 17-year-old,” Paige said.

Callie’s brother, Jude, has also gone through a lot over the past season. Not only has he been struggling with his sexuality, he has started a new relationship with Noah, who smokes pot.


“Jude was hesitant about labels. It’s a very generational thing: I am not interested in labels. I am who I am. I will love who I love, and that’s the way it is going to be. I think Jude is a gay man, but it has taken him a while to feel safe enough to be able to say that. I think he has settled in on that largely, but he is a teenager now and [experiencing] everything that comes with that,” Paige revealed.

Brandon has also experienced his fair share of drama with his new live-in girlfriend, Courtney, and her son, Mason. Although Brandon plans on going to Julliard, and even sent Courtney a letter breaking off their relationship so he wouldn’t have the distraction, we don’t know what is going to come of Brandon’s musical career and love life.

So, what will happen? Will Callie find out who killed Mrs. Johnson? Will her relationship with A.J. come to an end? Will Nick come after Mariana? Does Brandon get into Julliard, and does Courtney get his breakup letter? Hopefully, at least one of these questions will get answered during The Fosters finale.

The Fosters Season 4 summer finale will air tonight at 8 p.m. ET/PT on Freeform. Are you excited for The Fosters Season 4 finale? Leave your comments below.

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