Japanese Designers Invent A Toilet You Can Wear To Bed, Even Includes A Bidet

Japanese inventors created a toilet you can wear to bed. Users need not worry about waking up sticky; the handy little device includes an automatic bidet. While the portable personal potty was designed as an aid for Japan’s growing senior citizen population, it could become attractive to younger folks as well. Mommy’s struggling with bedtime accidents during the toilet training process, pregnant women who never get a good night’s sleep, or the guy who knows he drank way too much at the bar could be potential customers.

Multiple Japanese companies attending the annual International Home Care and Rehabilitation Exhibition in Tokyo proudly displayed their automatic personal toilets. Crafty salespeople demonstrated how quickly the U-shaped cup fits between the wearer’s legs and how a sensor activates a suction mechanism to move the waste away from the body, according to WTF News.

The bidet spray cleans the wearer’s genital area. The sleep toilet is connected to a duct which flushes the human waste into a tank. While the Japanese invention truly does sound like a helpful tool for senior citizens or bedridden patients of any age, what if the wearer is a fidgety sleeper and flips back and forth a lot during the night? Hopefully, salepeople’s claims that the device will keep the bed clean are accurate.

Muscle Corp manager Daizo Igawa had this to say about the Robohelper:

“This machine is intended to ease the burden for caregivers, especially at night, and it also helps those in bed stay clean.”

The demand for incontinence products in Japan is reportedly increasing as the elderly population grows. A recent change in public insurance policies in the country now allows devices like the wearable toilet to be a covered rental expense, News.Com.Au reports.

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