Ahead Of ‘Below Deck’ Season 4, Captain Lee Rosbach Talks Raquel ‘Rocky’ Dakota, Eddie Lucas And Kate Chastain

When Season 4 of Below Deck premieres on Tuesday, September 6, viewers will see a few familiar faces. From Season 3, Captain Lee Rosbach, Kate Chastain, and Ben Robinson will be back for another season. Viewers will also see Kelley Johnson, who was a part of the show’s second season cast.

In an interview with Bravo’s the Daily Dish, posted on Monday, Captain Lee talked about the Season 3 cast members with whom he has remained in touch with since filming for that season ended. Not surprisingly, he revealed that has kept in close contact with Kate. Yet, when it comes to Eddie Lucas and Raquel “Rocky” Dakota, who were at the center of much of Season 3’s drama but aren’t a part of the Season 4 cast, Captain Lee’s post-season relationships with them are more sporadic or even non-existent.

Captain Lee joked that he won’t be spending the holidays with Rocky nor will he be getting any well-wishes from her.

“Yeah, my guess is I’m probably not gonna make her Christmas card list this year. I don’t even think I’ll be invited over for Thanksgiving.”

Did Captain Lee have anything to do with Rocky’s departure from the show? Throughout Season 3, Captain Lee made it clear that he didn’t think too well of Rocky, who served as the third stewardess. He questioned her work ethic and the role that she played in her frequent clashes with his chief stew, Kate. On the reunion show, Captain Lee angrily lashed out at Rocky when she defended Leon Walker, whom Captain Lee had fired because of his bad attitude, clashes with the rest of the crew, in particular with Kate, and a galley fire. Captain Lee said that Rocky’s defense of Leon, who served as a chef prior to the return of Ben Robinson, was “bulls**t.”

The tension between Rocky and Captain Lee continued even after Season 3 finished filming. As previously reported by the Inquisitr, when Kate was arrested for domestic violence in June, Rocky posted several tweets and Instagram posts in which she made fun of Kate’s arrest and basically said to Captain Lee, “I told you so.” Captain Lee, who immediately tweeted after he heard the news that people shouldn’t rush to judge Kate, lashed out at Rocky for her behavior, saying that her posts prove that he was right about her.

As for Raquel “Rocky” Dakota’s fling, Eddie Lucas, Captain Lee said that he spoke to him a few times since Season 3 finished and he seems to be doing well.

“I talked with Eddie a couple times [since Season 3 ended]. He seems to be doing well.”

Eddie, who started off as a deckhand on Season 1 and then was promoted to bosun on Season 2, a position that he maintained on Season 3, always had a good relationship with Captain Lee. Yet, when it was finally revealed on the Season 3 finale episode that Eddie did have sex with Rocky twice on the yacht despite having a long-term girlfriend back home, Captain Lee gave Eddie a stern lecture in which he voiced his disappointment at Eddie’s lack of judgment.

Captain Lee told the Daily Dish that while he thinks Eddie made a mistake, he still thinks Eddie to be a great guy with a great future.

“Eddie had a difficult year last year, and things were never bad between Eddie and I. I was just disappointed in the choices and lack of judgment that he displayed. And he knew that. And I still think Eddie is a great guy, and I think he’s got a great future. I just think he lost his way a little bit, as everybody does. It’s not whether you get knocked down or not — because everybody’s gonna get knocked down — it’s how you get back up.”

On part two of the Season 3 reunion show, Rocky claimed that she and Eddie had sex two more times even after filming for the season ended. Eddie denied Rocky’s claims and said that he was back with his girlfriend. Yet, as the Inquisitr reported, Rocky, after part two of the Season 3 reunion show aired, posted recent text messages that she claimed were between her and Eddie that showed that he still wanted to get with her. Perhaps Eddie decided to not continue on with Below Deck because of the fallout from his dalliances with Rocky?

Unlike Eddie and Rocky, Kate Chastain will be seen on the upcoming season. Captain Lee Rosbach said that while he hasn’t seen Kate after filming for Season 4 ended, they do talk frequently on the phone.

“I haven’t seen her lately but Kate and I get along really well. We both know we can speak frankly with one another without fear of hurting each other’s feelings or that sort of thing. We can say what’s on our mind because we respect each other in that way. So it just makes things a whole lot easier.”

As the Inquisitr reported, in July of 2016, Kate Chastain did an interview in which she called Below Deck Season 4 her favorite one by far. While she made no mention of Eddie Lucas, she did say that Raquel “Rocky” Dakota should let go of her hostility towards her. In regards to Rocky’s social media posts that poked fun of her arrest, Kate said that it spoke more of Rocky’s character than hers. Kate also agreed with the interview hosts that Rocky’s departure from the show was karma.

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