Raquel ‘Rocky’ Dakota Pokes Fun Of Kate Chastain After Domestic Violence Arrest

Raquel “Rocky” Dakota is having a field day with the news that her Below Deck co-star Kate Chastain was arrested Monday and charged with battery by strangulation, which is a felony. In recent hours, Rocky has been posting numerous tweets and Instagram posts that poke fun of Kate. Rocky even went so far as calling Kate, who reportedly bit her girlfriend during the attack, Hannibal Lecter. Rocky also threw Kate’s arrest and charge in Captain Lee Rosbach’s face and made sure that Andy Cohen was made well aware of the recent development.

On Tuesday, TMZ reported that Kate was arrested and charged with battery by strangulation on Monday evening after her girlfriend went to work with visible bruising.

“According to cops… Kate tried to kick her drunk girlfriend out of their house and when she refused, Kate bit her in the forearm, bicep and leg. Cops say Kate also put a knee on her head, choked her, and tried to stop her breathing.”

Kate, who went public with her relationship with professional soccer player Rocio “Ro” Hernandez in January, appeared in court on Tuesday afternoon and posted a $5,000 bond.

Rocky posted a snapshot of Kate’s mug shot and called her Hannibal Lecter. In a lengthy rant, Rocky reminded people that Kate gave her such a hard time simply for diving off a boat. Rocky said that she was the only person who had the courage to stand up to Kate and call her out. Rocky also said that her time with Kate on Below Deck was so bad that she cried almost every night and that it gave her post-traumatic stress.

Rocky also claimed that Kate deliberately posted her telephone number on social media so that she got hundreds of death threats. However, Rocky did thank Kate for teaching her how not to treat people. Rocky ended her post by saying that a part of her feels bad for Kate and asked that people pray for her.

Rocky later posted a video of herself doing some yoga meditation on behalf of Kate. In the video, Rocky said that she just wants Kate, whom she thinks is hurting, to get help. Rocky also said everyone has issues and that she’s willing to help Kate if Kate wants it. In her caption, Rocky asked that people send Kate some love and light.

While some people found Raquel “Rocky” Dakota’s posts hilarious, others criticized her for making fun of Kate Chastain’s situation. They accused Rocky of showing fake concern for Kate. Rocky’s next Instagram post certainly doesn’t seem to show real concern for Kate. In the short clip, Rocky pretends to bite an arm while growling noises play in the background.

Rocky’s Instagram account has since been set to private.

On Twitter, Rocky asked Andy Cohen, who hosts the Below Deck reunion shows, what he thinks of Kate’s “nasty behavior.”

Kate then asked Captain Lee Rosbach if his chief stew really bit and strangled her girlfriend.

Captain Lee was quick to respond to Rocky’s tweet. In a scathing response, Captain Lee told Rocky that he sees she hasn’t changed much and that it takes a special person to revel in the misfortunes of others. Instead of looking badly on Kate, Rocky’s tweet seems to have just made Captain Lee look even more badly on Rocky.

As previously reported by the Inquisitr, right after news of Kate’s arrest hit the internet, Captain Lee tweeted that he has not spoken to Kate and that while he won’t ignore the facts when he finds out what they actually are, he won’t rush to judge.

Rocky remained undeterred. She then posted a tweet asking Kate and Andy what’s for dinner, seemingly in reference to the allegation that Kate bit her girlfriend.

Rocky also told Captain Lee that just as he was wrong about Eddie Lucas, who finally admitted to hooking up with Rocky at the end of Season 2, he’s wrong about Kate.

Rocky then seemingly tried to get Kate kicked off of the show. Rocky asked the Bravo network and Andy if Kate’s verbal and physical violence falls into the category of “bad crazy.”

Rocky then said that people shouldn’t just forget about what Kate did and sweep it under the table.

Rocky also said that she hopes Kate gets the help she needs so she stops hurting others.

On Wednesday morning, Kate thanked her supporters for their support during this “difficult” and “humiliating” time. Kate promised that the truth will come out.

Will viewers see Kate Chastain and Raquel “Rocky” Dakota clash yet again on Season 4 of Below Deck? Will viewers see Kate on the phone with her girlfriend? On Monday, Captain Lee Rosbach tweeted that filming for Season 4 has ended. He also said that he can’t yet reveal which cast members from Season 3 will be seen on the small screen again.

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