Donald Trump’s Big Adventure: ‘Large Marge’ Sent Him

Donald Trump’s campaign is nearly as ghastly as “Large Marge.” And, it’s not far-fetched to say she “sent him.”

Donald Trump and Large Marge are pretty much one in the same. They both make the general public’s hairs stand on end.

Wait, Who Is Large Marge?

Remember Paul Reubens, better known as Pee-Wee Herman? Well, in Pee-Wee’s Big Adventure, Reubens hitch-hiked with a trucker named Marge.

As it turned out, she had long been deceased. He actually rode with her ghost.

In the following scene, Marge takes Pee-Wee for a ride in a similar way that Donald Trump is taking all of his supporters for a ride, metaphorically.

And just like Pee-Wee, some of Trump’s supporters have “gotten off at the next available stop,” because they see the insane nature of Trump as a presidential candidate.

Donald Trump — “Worst Accident I Ever Seen…”

“Everyone knows that Donald Trump only entered the president race as a publicity stunt,” as mentioned the New York Times.

Trump has stated on multiple occasions that he never thought he was going to be nominated. Just to have run would have been enough publicity for him.

But then, he was blindsided with the popular vote.

Why? How?

Donald Trump has zero knowledge about what it takes to run a country, and he’s trigger-happy. “What the heck?”

‘Large Marge’ Sent Donald Trump

It was 84 years ago, during a campaign “just…like…this.”

Adolf Hitler — “Large Marge” — roused an entire country based on their emotional need to feel “superior.”

As the United States Holocaust Memorial Museum notes, he did it with “modern propaganda techniques — including strong images and simple messages.”

That’s Donald Trump all day long.

Trump doesn’t state any real facts or figures, neither does he tackle topics ideal to this nation.

Rather, Donald plays and preys on the emotions of his supporters.

In case you don’t know, Donald Trump’s biggest supporters are many of whom are in favor of white supremacy; it’s no secret.

Matter of fact, if you look at any Trump rally, you’ll notice the stark similarities between it and a KKK rally.

Donald Trump promises to make America “great again” and give the nation back its pride.

Coincidentally, that’s the same promise Adolf Hitler made during his campaign — not to make Germany great again, but to give its people back its pride.

And, by this, Germany’s majority pledged its allegiance to Hitler, regardless of his nonsense.

As aforementioned, multiple Trump supporters have become ex-supporters due to his rhetoric and constant flip-flopping.

Real Feedback From Former Trump Supporters

Via Reddit, several comments have been cast from former Donald Trump supporters.

There have been so many anti-Trump messages that Fusion reported on the anomaly.

One commentator and former supporter, Ghostal Media, likened Donald to a dog off its leash.

“I was on the ‘maybe’ fence for a while. I liked the idea that he didn’t give a f**k, wasn’t being pressured by lobbyists, and had some party agnostic ideas.

“I’m over it. He’s a textbook demagogue. Blame the media if they point out lies, appeal to anger, blame the others, and dance confidently in front of the camera.

“Moreover, he can’t control himself. He reminds me of my dog. Her ‘prey’ drive is through the roof. If she’s off leash, she’ll bolt after worthless floating shopping bags in the road. Even if it means running into traffic and potentially killing herself.”

That sounds an awful lot like Donald Trump and the way he intends to guide this country, right? Even if it means he’s killing America’s reputation and namesake.

These former Trump supporters state they bailed when they realized he was going off the deep end every week; being totally irrational as a candidate.

If you’re interested in other former Trump supporters’ comments, you can read them at the aforementioned source.

All in all, if Trump is elected as the president of the United States, it will be the worst accident the world ever sees.

What are your thoughts? Do you think Large Marge sent Donald Trump to run in the presidential campaign? Feel free to share your comments in the section below.

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