‘Teen Mom OG’ Star Tyler Baltierra Under Fire For Fat-Shaming Catelynn Lowell: ‘I Don’t Want No Heifer’

Tyler Baltierra is already backtracking on comments he made about his wife’s eating habits. The Teen Mom OG star made the controversial comments about Catelynn Lowell during a preview clip for the new season. How did fans react to Baltierra’s fat-shaming?

According to the Hollywood Gossip, Baltierra questioned Lowell’s portion sizes and even joked that he didn’t want her to turn into a “heifer.” Fans understandably took issue with Baltierra’s comments, especially considering how Lowell just had another baby and went through therapy to deal with depression.

In fact, Radar Online is reporting that Baltierra hit back at those who thought he was too insensitive.

“When you’re with someone for over 10 yrs your [sic] able to speak to each other openly and honestly. That’s how we communicate,” he stated. “You people are TOO sensitive and aren’t used to seeing couples communicate without sugar coating. @CatelynnLowell does the same thing to me.”

In the preview clip for the new season, Baltierra shame Lowell for consuming an extra large quesadilla.

“That’s a big a** quesadilla, it has a lot of chicken,” he told her. “It’s your body, you could do what you want. Obviously, I don’t want no heifer for a wife!”

While fans were quick to criticize Baltierra, he recently admitted that he underwent therapy to help him share opinions more effectively.

“Currently in therapy to work on my delivery of messages & opinions,” he shared. “Yes, I know I’m a prick, but I admit it instead of defend it #ImAnA**hole.”

Although Baltierra clearly has a lot of improvements to make, at least he is owning up to his harsh comments. At the same time, Wet Paint is reporting that Lowell is also defending her husband’s comments about her eating habits.

The pair is about to celebrate being married for one year, and they are no strangers to controversial arguments, especially in front of the Teen Mom cameras. For the past decade, the couple has gone back and forth with each other, stirring up plenty of drama in the social media sphere.

After the comments went live, Baltierra told Lowell, “I love you b***h!” on Twitter.

In response, Lowell shared her thoughts in an equally offensive manner.

“I love YOU, you judgmental a**hole,” she wrote.

Of course, Baltierra and Lowell have been together for over a decade and are the only original pair from Teen Mom 2 and Teen Mom OG to remain together. Perhaps their way of coping with the stress of reality TV works.

“See people? THIS is how you openly communicate after being together for a decade,” Lowell told fans on Twitter.

As far as Baltierra is concerned, he doesn’t mind how fans reacted to his controversial comments.

“Honored to society’s punching bag distraction so they don’t have to focus on their own morbidly pitiful flaws inside themselves,” he wrote on Twitter.

He also isn’t afraid to play the part of a villain, even if that means being disgraced online.

“I’m a piece of s**t husband, I’m a douchebag, scrawny beam pole, disrespectful a**hole, judgmental, loud mouth prick,” he added on Twitter.

Despite the harsh comments, Baltierra stuck by his wife’s side when she went into therapy for anxiety and depression last spring. Clearly, the couple’s method of communicating works, even though it often comes across as too judgmental on the show.

“Today marks 11 years with this amazing selves, beautiful & courageous soul,” Baltierra posted on Instagram last month. “They say teenage love doesn’t last & that fairytale endings only happen in the movies… but I’m telling you, I’m living proof that it’s possible.”

The new season of Teen Mom OG airs Monday nights on MTV.

Tell us! Do you think Tyler was too harsh to Catelynn about her weight? Let us know in the comments, and check out a preview of what is still to come on Teen Mom OG this season.

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