‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Elizabeth And Rachel Face Off, The ‘Angel Of Mercy’ Killer Strikes Again, And Franco Learns Juicy Information

General Hospital spoilers tease that Monday will kick off a big week of action in Port Charles and fans will not want to miss what lies ahead. Elizabeth has Nikolas’ diamonds, but she may be facing a fight to hold onto them. The “Angel of Mercy” murderer is set to strike again, and teasers share that the identity of this serial killer will be revealed during the week of August 29.

According to SheKnows Soaps, Elizabeth will come across something rather suspicious, and Franco will be uncovering some valuable information. General Hospital spoilers indicate that Hayden will confront Elizabeth about the jewels, and this is set to be yet another intense and heated confrontation between the two women.

Just what is it that Liz encounters during Monday’s show? General Hospital spoilers from Soap Central share that she will see someone acting strangely, and everybody will be curious to see whether this is related to the serial killer or the diamonds. Previews have shown that she will soon be facing a very dangerous situation, as someone pushes down a flight of stairs. Hayden will be the prime suspect in the incident due to her conflict with Liz.

Finn will see the intense confrontation between Elizabeth and Hayden, witnessing a major slap. He will also be asking Liz why she was contacting the police, as she seemingly is trying to turn over the diamonds to Jordan but isn’t making much progress. It sounds as if Finn will be in a sticky position after this fall takes place.

Franco will be interacting with Naomi, and that makes some wonder if the tantalizing tidbit of information he learns is related to Elizabeth and Hayden. Fans feel certain that the two are going to be revealed to be sisters, and it would certainly be interesting if Franco was the one who pieced that together.

According to Celeb Dirty Laundry, Naomi will give Franco a warning of sorts about Heather, and he is seen visiting his mother during Monday’s show as well. It looks like he is suspicious about his mother’s big secret and he’s angling to piece things together. He will push Heather to come clean about what she has been hiding, and it sounds as if she will finally end up spilling the beans.

The “Angel of Mercy” murderer has been on a bit of a break of late, but General Hospital spoilers note that the killer is back, and it seems that Finn and Monica will be finding another victim. Monica will be perplexed and frustrated over the situation, and it looks like she will start to wonder if Andre is involved in some way.

Viewers have already been speculating that Andre could turn out to be the killer, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that Paul will be asking the doctor some questions as well. Will Andre soon be revealed to be the “Angel of Mercy” murderer or is the show playing into the speculation that is already swirling, with a surprising revelation to come when the identity of the murderer is uncovered?

Ava is said to come to a difficult realization and previews show her talking to Hayden about the diamonds and Elizabeth’s involvement. Ava already tried to snag the jewels from Liz for herself once, and it sounds as if she may partner up with Hayden to some degree to try to get her hands on them once and for all. Will she be the one orchestrating Liz’s fall down the stairs?

Lulu and Dante were left disappointed recently when their dreams to have another child together hit a major snag, and General Hospital spoilers reveal that she will be asking Robert some questions about all that went down at the Creighton-Clark Clinic. It sounds like she will be trying to determine whether her other embryo could have made it through the explosion, but will Robert have any answers?

As the week continues, Ava will be looking for help from Paul and Griffin will find some evidence that may be crucial in breaking the “Angel of Mercy” case. Nathan and Maxie are planning their wedding, but Claudette may still manage to throw a wrench into their plans. Alexis is continuing to feel quite stressed, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that she will be leaning on Diane.

There is more regarding Nelle and Carly on the way, and viewers are confident that it will soon be revealed that the two are connected in some way that Nelle has been keeping under wraps. Sabrina and Michael will have to have a serious discussion as it seems things get a bit tense when Joe spends time with Teddy. Nina is going to be facing some emotional moments, and General Hospital spoilers reveal that Spinelli will be back as Sam and Jason prepare to wed.

Is Andre the serial killer as many have come to suspect, or is someone else responsible for the deaths? Will Hayden end up being connected to Elizabeth’s fall down the stairs? Does Franco manage to get the truth about Naomi’s secret out of Heather? This week will be jam-packed with action and drama and General Hospital spoilers tease that fans will not want to miss any of the action.

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