Taylor Swift Breakup: Pop Singer And Tom Hiddleston Allegedly Fighting [Report]

A Taylor Swift breakup might be on the horizon. The “Bad Blood” singer and Tom Hiddleston recently had their first “major argument,” an inside source told Us Magazine. The two allegedly have been struggling to make time for each other, leading to this monumental fight. The anonymous source close to Hiddleswift explained how the couple wasn’t “spending as much time together” in recent weeks.

Tom Hiddleston’s busy film shooting schedule has been a bit of trouble in the couple’s ability to see each other. At the start of their summer romance, Taylor Swift and Hiddleston were inseparable. Hollywood’s hottest couple was first spotted sharing a kiss by the pop star’s mansion in Westerly, Rhode Island, on June 14. From there, the pair traveled to Nashville and England to meet each other’s parents.

Taylor Swift’s breakup would definitely be caused by the couple’s inability to spend time together. Although the two went on a romantic getaway to Italy during the summer, they haven’t seen much of each other since then. Tom Hiddleston has primarily been in Australia filming Thor: Ragnarok. An insider close to Swift said that they have been struggling to find the time to meet each other face-to-face.

“There was so much going on so it was hard making their schedules work and they were upset they couldn’t see each other.”

Although a Taylor Swift breakup has been rumored for quite some time, it also appears that the couple has worked through the issues. In a recent interview with a British blog, Tom Hiddleston disclosed what his ideal date would be. The Thor actor told the online publication that he would love a date that involved “a beautiful dinner somewhere lovely with boatloads of flowers, chocolates and champagne.” Perhaps this hints that the couple has worked through their tiff?

A Taylor Swift breakup isn’t necessarily a reality just yet. Allegedly, Hiddleston flew down to Rhode Island on August 14 to spend a few days with the pop star. After having a short romantic getaway at Swift’s seven-bedroom place, Tom Hiddleston reported back to Australia to continue working on his film.

Tom Hiddleston’s work schedule has been quite packed lately. The nameless source close to Taylor Swift said that the British film star was “busier than her right now, so it’s been hard.” Since the pop star has finished her “1989 World Tour” in December, she has had a significant amount of downtime. Prior to that, Taylor Swift was on tour for 85 days.

Despite the Taylor Swift breakup rumors, there is hope that the couple will be okay. The anonymous source close to the pop star is hopeful for Hiddleswift’s future.

“They’ve had some schedule issues, but things are otherwise fine. They are making it work.”

Despite Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift’s constant public displays of affection, the actor hasn’t necessarily addressed his romance with the pop star, publicly. In a recent Facebook Live Q&A with the Hollywood Reporter, the actor finally hinted at his romance, reported the International Business Times.

“We all live in a world where every phone has a camera and there’s nothing new, really, about the spotlight to me. I think that’s what happens when you’re a public figure.”

A Taylor Swift breakup isn’t necessarily a new phenomenon. Earlier this summer, the pop star ended her relationship with DJ Calvin Harris. Despite the end of Swift’s relationship, the singer quickly moved on. Since May, romance rumors have surrounded Tom Hiddleston and Taylor Swift. The two stars were initially spotted sharing a dance together at the MET Gala after-party in May. Shortly after, Hiddleswift was spotted together kissing in June.

Will a Taylor Swift breakup happen soon? Share your comments and opinions below.

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