Did The 'Huffington Post' Censor Articles Questioning Hillary's Health?

Robert Jonathan

A Huffington Post writer claims that the news website abruptly disabled his password and deleted two articles that he authored about Hillary Clinton's health.

In a YouTube video posted late last night with the stated purpose of documenting the situation (embedded below), David Seaman insists that he successfully published hundreds of articles on the Huffington Post, and he never had any pushback prior to the two stories questioning Democrat presidential nominee Hillary' Clinton's health, which has become a hot topic on social media evidenced by the trending hashtag #HillarysHealth.

"I've honestly never seen anything like this," he declared about his apparent log-in credentials revocation and termination, describing it as "chilling," "spooky," and "Orwellian."

In an eerie portion of the nearly six-minute video, the ex-Huff Post writer underscored that he is not suicidal, depressed, or accident prone, and doesn't own a car. Draw your own conclusions about what that means.

David Seaman suggests that he was made to walk the plank, as it were, in part for linking to Paul Joseph Watson's YouTube video called "the truth about Hillary's bizarre behavior" (one of several made by Watson on the theme of #HillarysHealth) which at this writing has nearly received 3.6 million hits.

"It was a very newsworthy thing for me to link out to, people are talking about, that hashtag has been quite popular, and whenever a video concerning a presidential candidate's health is viewed more than 35 million times, somebody who is under contract with The Huffington Post and to AOL should be able to link out to that…without having their account revoked without any notice.. late on a Sunday night…"

Polling data from the Breitbart News Network and Gravis Marketing claims, for example, that 50 percent of respondents don't trust CNN to provide objective news and analysis.

— D.G. Seaman (@d_seaman) August 29, 2016

Shortly after expressing grave concerns during a Los Angeles radio interview about Hillary Clinton's health and what he considered primitive healthcare treatment she was receiving, Dr. Drew Pinsky, the ubiquitous TV physician and board-certified internist, lost his gig on CNN sister network HLN. According to what an insider told the Wrap, HLN had supposedly decided to cancel his show well before Pinsky's controversial radio comments, however. Dr. Drew's last show on HLN will air on September 22.

Last week, PBS was accused of censoring a portion of a 15-minute interview with Jill Stein in which the Green Party presidential candidate specifically leveled criticism at Hillary Clinton for supporting the Trans-Pacific Partnership and fracking.

Parenthetically, Dilbert creator Scott Adams, who has predicted that "master persuader" Donald Trump will win the presidential election in a landslide, although he has been hedging somewhat recently, observes that "I don't think it is wise to hire people as old as Clinton and Trump for jobs that require high energy and mental dexterity."

— D.G. Seaman (@d_seaman) August 29, 2016

— D.G. Seaman (@d_seaman) August 29, 2016

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Added: David Seaman discusses his Huffington Post termination with Rebel Media as well as Paul Joseph Watson's controversial video that Seaman linked to in his deleted story.