'Bachelor In Paradise' Spoilers: Are Ashley And Wells Still Together?

Effie Orfanides

Bachelor In Paradise spoilers have been abundant since the show started filming, and most fans have been reading up on what happens after these reality stars looking for love leave Mexico. So far this season, people on the show have been pretty quick to couple up and stay coupled up week after week. While this certainly could make the show a little bit boring, the introduction of new people each week manages to spice things up.

For example, who knew that Izzy would break things off with Vinny once she laid eyes on Brett. For whatever reasons, Izzy just felt some instant connection with the new guy, and she dumped Vinny, who was pretty much her main squeeze from night one. Fans were absolutely heartbroken, but the twist made for good television.

Perhaps one of the biggest Bachelor In Paradise spoilers that viewers are curious about is whether or not Ashley I. finds love with newcomer, Wells Adams. It's all going to start to go down on Monday night's episode. While Wells is going to do a pretty good job taking Ashley's mind off of Jared (finally), fans want to know if the two have staying power.

According to Romper, Ashley and Wells haven't given fans any indication that they are still together. While several of the other contestants (cough, cough, Amanda and Josh) have posted plenty of not-so-well-hidden hints that they are still an item, both Ashley and Wells have managed not to give anything away.

"If he's in a relationship, then he's definitely not advertising it. Wells' social media is clue-free; his Instagram is basically an endless collection of puppy photos, which is amazing but doesn't really say much about whether he's dating or not. Ashley's Instagram proves a little more Wells-friendly but still doesn't provide a definitive answer as to whether they're still dating or not."

"[Chris Harrison] tells the couples that they must decide if this is a serious enough relationship that they want to pursue. They will all have the opportunity to go on an overnight date if they choose, but they need to be serious about the other person or something utterly ridiculous for knowing someone a little over 2 weeks. At this point, Wells decides to break it off with Ashley and they both leave, not taking advantage of the overnight date. I guess Ashley's V-card is still intact. As for their post-show relationship, all you need to do is follow Ashley's social media to know she's interested in Wells. Whether that feeling is reciprocated, I'm not sure," explained Reality Steve earlier this summer.

[Image via Rick Rowell/ ABC]