‘WOW Mists Of Pandaria’ Review: Part Two

Welcome to part two of The Inquisitr’s hands-on review of the World Of Warcraft Mists Of Pandaria expansion. In part one of our review, we explored the Mists of Pandaria launch. After spending the last two days leveling my 85 Orc hunter, I decided to take a break from playing my main character and roll a Pandarian Monk. I promised our readers a look at the new World Of Warcraft race and class. Tonight I will begin my adventures as a panda.

I rolled a level one female Pandarian Monk. She’s red, she’s cute, she’s round and she throws a mean Quaking Palm attack. I’m putting her through her paces and doing my best to level her up quickly. Pandarians can’t join a guild until they complete the starting area and I am anxious to rejoin my friends in the Lethality Guild. I am a member of Lethality in every MMO I play and I can’t wait to be hear the familiar, insane banter we enjoy on our Mumble chat server. As most players of MMOS know, playing with friends and guild mates adds a great deal of to the enjoyment of online gaming, not to mention the lessons in life that can be learned from the brilliant conversations guild mates share as we torment and tease each other. (Right, fellow gamers?!!)

I want to be completely frank and honest with you as I review Mists Of Pandaria. If you are hoping for a completely brand new version of World of Warcraft, you won’t find it here. The expansion certainly brings out all the best that WOW has to offer. The content is almost endless, the game looks glorious and there is so much to do and explore that it is almost impossible to get bored.

That being said, there is no ground breaking new technology in Mists Of Pandaria and Blizzard has not introduced an earth shaking new story line into the game. If you enjoy playing World Of Warcraft, you will enjoy the expansion. It is both a solid continuation of all the things we love about the game and a much needed return to the glory days of Vanilla WOW, when story, dungeons and questing was king.

Starting out as a level one Monk is quite a different experience than beginning the expansion as a level 85 hunter. Instead of the dramatic meeting with Grarrosh Hellscream and the frantic flight into the mists, our trials begin at the Shang Xi Training Grounds on The Wandering Isle.

There are no chaotic battles between the Horde and the Alliance for a level one monk. Blizzard seems deretemined to make sure that all players, no matter how experienced, begin by discovering all important details of their new race and class. You will start out as an inexperienced monk in training. As a monk, you will learn the basic attacks of a class that utilizes hand to hand martial arts combat. The monastery is full of your fellow trainees and your journey commences when you pit yourself against them in a series of one on one Kung Fu encounters

I am just starting my life as a Pandarian Monk. I will be returning often over the next days and weeks to keep you up to date on all my adventures in the continent of Pandaria. There are new dungeons to conquer and tons of new loot to roll on and hopefully win. There are hundreds of quests to complete as I do my best to level to the cap of 90 and begin the end game. The journey has just begun and I hope you will accompany me on my escapades in Pandaria. Now back to leveling and my cute Pandarian Monk.