Casey Anthony Attacked At Florida Bowling Alley

Casey Anthony is back in the news, five years after she was acquitted in the horrifying killing of her little girl. Hollywood Life reports that the woman dubbed in the media as “Tot Mom” was recently attacked at a bowling alley in Florida. Will the Florida woman remain the “Most Hated Woman In America” for the rest of her life?

The Daily Mail reports that Anthony was spotted at a bowling alley in the town of Lake Worth, Florida, on July 8. Photos had been snapped of “Tot Mom,” which are now circulating in news reports and on social media, as people have expressed outrage that she can go out with a smile on her face — especially after she “got away with murder,” in their opinions.

While at the bowling alley, Casey Anthony allegedly became the target of verbal attacks. At least one person loudly referred to her as a “baby killer” during her evening out with friends, but reports say that the acquitted woman didn’t stop smiling once.

Anthony has been the target of extreme hatred since her arrest in 2008 — after her daughter had been missing for more than a month. Casey’s arrest attracted national attention, not only because her daughter was missing, but because of her behavior following the child’s mysterious disappearance. Instead of reporting Caylee Anthony missing, the Florida woman went on a partying spree that came to an end when the child’s grandmother realized she was missing.

Over the course of the preliminary investigation, “Tot Mom” reportedly told lie after lie to detectives, even claiming to had been an employee at Universal Studios. She also falsely claimed that the child’s “nanny” kidnapped her and refused to return her. When asked why she didn’t report her daughter missing for more than 30 days, Casey Anthony replied that she was doing her own investigation. In the end, Casey was arrested and charged with child neglect, making false official statements, and obstructing police investigation.

Not long after the arrest of Casey Anthony, a tidal wave of evidence was publicized which seemed to indicate that she had a direct role in the disappearance of Caylee Marie. Some of that evidence included postmortem hair shed found in the trunk of her car. It also included statements made by her mother, Cindy Anthony, who claimed in the beginning that the trunk of the car smelled like a body had been in it. When Caylee’s body was found shortly after the arrest of Casey Anthony, suspicion became even more intense against the Florida mom.

It came as a huge shock to numerous people when Casey was ultimately acquitted in a court of law. The intense anger that already existed against the mother of the slain child only became more extreme — and it has appeared to persist all of these years later. It’s been half a decade since Casey Anthony was acquitted in the murder of her own daughter, but she still cannot go out in public without being targeted by vitriol, and even threats.

Reports have indicated that Casey has had a rough time adjusting to her notoriety on the outside of jail cell walls. Some have claimed that she lives the life of a recluse, pretty much playing on the internet while taking photos. She remains unemployed. While she is surviving, she rarely has the ability to go out and enjoy herself — and when she does, incidents like the one in mid-June tend to take place.

Do you think Casey Anthony will ever be able to live a normal life after being acquitted in the death of little Caylee? Or is the Florida “Tot Mom” doomed to live the life of a pariah, and the “Most Hated Woman In America?”

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