Mother Of Nine Claims She Has Been Pregnant For 15 Months, Doctor Claims She Is Just Fat

A mother of nine is claiming that she has been pregnant for 15 months, but doctors will not believe that her tenth baby exists.

Linda Reeves, a 50-year-old woman from Milton Keynes, claims she can feel the baby kick and move inside of her and that even its heartbeat can be felt, according to Metro. However, her doctor does not believe that she is pregnant with her tenth child and has even gone as far as telling her that she is just fat.

Reeves refuses to give up the fight to reveal that she is pregnant, concerned that the unborn child may not be receiving the care it needs, especially after being in the womb for 15 months.

Scans have been performed, and there is no sign of a baby present. However, Linda Reeves does not believe the doctors have looked hard enough. She is insisting that the baby is growing inside of a cavity in her abdomen, or possibly within her Fallopian tubes, but doctors refuse to check.

‘I’ve had all the symptoms of pregnancy – sickness, backache and tiredness. I am absolutely certain that there is a baby there, but it is growing in the wrong place.’

To find the unborn baby inside her, Reeves is pleading that doctors perform a full CT scan on her to discover where the baby is hiding.

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Reeves has conducted extensive research on abdominal pregnancies, according to the Milton Keyes Citizen. Reeves has shared her research with the doctors, but none want to perform full body scans, instead conducting routine tests and scans.

“I keep going to my GP and he’s agreed to a few times to send me for a pregnancy scan. But they only scan my womb –- so how can they find my baby if it’s growing in my abdomen?”

Linda Reeves’ nine children range from 5- to 24-years-old, so she believes she knows when she is pregnant and according to her symptoms, she believes she is.

Her insistence has coerced her to visit multiple doctors in hopes that at least one will listen and find the record-breaking 15-month pregnancy to be worth checking out. Instead, she has been offered suggestions that she may be suffering from a mental health problem, offered medication for depression, and has been told that she is simply just fat.

“I may not be the slimmest person in the world but I’ve actually lost weight because I’ve been so stressed since all this started in May last year.”

On a day out with her sister, Reeves visited her sibling’s general practitioner and convinced her to use a Doppler machine on her belly. During the scan, she swears she could hear the baby’s heartbeat, further reassuring her that the 15-month pregnancy is not a farce. However, the general practitioner was not able to hear the heartbeat and, as the other doctors did, failed to be convinced of the pregnancy.

Reeves’ understands that the thought of being pregnant for 15 months is rather unbelievable and would be extremely rare if it is true. However, she knows something is not right and simply wants the doctors to look at all of the options. She wonders what will happen if the baby is being developed in the wrong place and it cannot find its way out. She wonders if it could be the rare condition known as fetus in fetu, explaining why she could hear a heartbeat. Also, she fears that it could be cancer that the doctors refuse to identify.

Linda Reeves hopes that getting her story out there will give hope that at least one doctor in the world will take her case on and let her know once and for all if she has really been pregnant for 15 months, or if there is something much more serious going on.

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