‘Haunted Case Files’ Debuts Tonight With Sinister Tales Told By Paranormal Investigators

Destination America already has a healthy lineup of paranormal programming, including its big hit of last season, Paranormal Lockdown with Katrina Weidman and Nick Groff, as well as the upcoming debut of the new series Kindred Spirits with ghost hunting all-stars Amy Bruni and Adam Berry. But for those who don’t want to wait for their next spooky fix, Haunted Case Files premieres a weekly anthology of paranormal investigations tonight, profiling some of the scariest haunts encountered by everyday ghost hunters across the country.

Haunted Case Files is the latest brainchild of the producers of Paranormal Survivor, which features similar tales from the point of view of those who were living with the paranormal activity. Haunted Case Files tells these latest stories from the point of view of the professionals, seeking out the most extreme paranormal and supernatural encounters from veteran paranormal investigators. Each of the three segments per episode focuses on a different paranormal investigation team, telling their stories through interviews, recorded evidence, and dramatic reenactments of the events that unfold.

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Fans of things that go bump in the night can tune in Sunday night to watch the first stories in this series, including the dark past that comes back to haunt a former funeral home, as investigated by Michelle Desrochers and Patrick Cross. The home was the site of two children who died after being pushed down the stairs, and almost as soon as the pair enter the home, the sound system starts playing music from the 40s.

Haunted Case Files also tells the story of Prospect Place, the crumbling mansion investigated by the father/daughter team Alan and Anna Tolf, who come across the very angry spirit of a former lady of the household. A media screener of the episode reveals that during their research about the property, the Tolfs also discover there had been squatters using the mansion for satanic rituals, adding to the problems already lurking in the shadows.

Another story about a paranormal encounter comes from an investigator and his team who come to the aid of an Ohio couple who feels that spirits of a former inhabitant mean them harm. They hear whispers in empty rooms and objects begin moving around on their own throughout the home. But when a sinister entity invades their bedroom one night, the couple knows they need to get help, and they call paranormal investigator Karlo Zuzic.

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Haunted Case Files is scheduled for four more episodes after the premiere, running every Sunday night through September at 10 p.m. ET on Destination America. The second episode, which airs September 4, focuses on the very unexpected results that happen after a couple decide to experiment with the occult in Rhode Island. Paranormal investigator Joe Cetrone gets the call to see if he can clear a demonic spirit that’s been unleashed. Also, a Massachusetts ghost hunter comes across an ancient evil spirit that is hell bent on revenge, and another Ohio haunt wraps up the second episode when investigator Zuzic reveals some compelling evidence captured in a haunted historic building.

Other upcoming episodes of Haunted Case Files include Cetrone battling a demonic entity intent on attacking his son, and in another story, a child’s imaginary playmate turns out to be something much darker and more sinister. Investigators explore doppelgängers in a Colorado jail and battle violent spirits at a museum in Arizona. Paranormal investigator Ursula Bielski finds herself trapped in a Chicago cemetery, while paranormal expert Jack Kenna faces off with the spirit of an old sea captain in Massachusetts. Throw in a few more investigations with the ghost of an ax murderer, suicidal spirits and entities that prey on young children and you’ve got plenty of paranormal chills with Haunted Case Files to last through September.

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