MTV VMA Shocker: Taylor Swift Was Never Invited

Taylor Swift can’t seem to catch a break these days. Her feud with Kim Kardashian has taken its toll on the entertainer and now it seems Taylor wasn’t even included in the planning of MTV’s annual Video Music Awards ceremony. Swift won’t even be attending the event at all, so fans expecting to see the “Bad Blood” singer hop up on her seat and dance will be sorely disappointed. If her absence isn’t enough to deal with, Taylor is also facing a resurgence of gossip concerning her alleged breast enhancement procedures, which she has never confirmed.

Don’t Look For Taylor Swift At MTV’s Video Music Awards


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Taylor is currently spending time in New York City, but, as People reports, that doesn’t mean she’s inclined to attend the Music Video Awards. In fact, Swift has revealed that she definitely will not be attending the event, just as reps for the VMAs have also confirmed that the singer has not been scheduled to appear.

“Taylor was never scheduled to attend the VMAs,” an insider told People.

For the 2015 VMAs, Ms. Swift made a lasting impression with both fans and critics. Those expecting drama when Taylor joined Nicki Minaj on stage were left wanting, because the duo proved their Twitter battle had been settled. Instead, Taylor and Nicki let bygones be bygones, as they entertained audiences with a duet. Swift topped off that evening by receiving the VMAs’ Video of the Year award for “Bad Blood” and presenting Kanye West with the Michael Jackson Video Vanguard Award.

Taylor must now be realizing just how much can change in a year.

The news that Kim Kardashian will be a presenter at this year’s Music Video Awards must be like rubbing salt in a wound for Swift. The high-profile feud between Kardashian and Swift may have had something to do with the decision to choose between the celebrities, leaving Swift out in the cold. Whether it was a choice made for them or by them, the fact that Kardashian will be attending in place of Swift can only serve to increase the tension between the two celebrities.

The 2016 MTV Video Music Awards are set to air live on Sunday, August 28, at New York City’s Madison Square Garden at 9:00 p.m. eastern time on MTV.

Fans Keep Abreast Of Taylor Swift’s Physique

For the past few months, rumors have been circulating that Taylor Swift has had her breasts enlarged. Just as such gossip was beginning to diminish, new pictures of the “Bad Blood” singer, shared by Mirror, have stirred renewed interest in Taylor’s chest size. Caught leaving a fitness center, Swift was photographed looking more bountiful than ever. While it may have been possible that her maroon crop top was just a tighter fit than some of her other outfits, fans immediately took to Twitter to share speculation that Taylor has had her breasts augmented.

“When did Taylor Swift’s boobs get so big??” tweeted one such fan.

“Is it just me or is Taylor Swift’s boobs are getting bigger and bigger??” asked another Swift fan, via the social media site.

Just a few hours after the images spurred boob job gossip, Taylor was seen heading out to dinner with friend Todrick Hall. Swift had changed outfits and wore a somewhat less revealing yellow lace skirt and top, as she and her dinner date headed out into the heart of Greenwich Village for their evening. Taylor seemed relaxed and unconcerned with either MTV’s Video Music Awards or with the gossip her appearance earlier in the day had generated.

It has been reported that, while staying in New York, Ms. Swift is also taking dance lessons, possibly preparing to produce a new music video.

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