Justin Bieber, Sofia Richie Private Getaway Includes Bawdy Public Behavior, Nudity

Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie used the model’s birthday celebration for a private getaway, turning the occasion into a bawdy display of public behavior. With new leaked images coming out in which both members of the couple are bearing private parts, questions are emerging as to whether Sofia Richie — who turned 18 years old this week — and Justin Bieber turned the birthday blowout into a sexual escapade according to multiple media reports.

The Mirror reported that Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie took off for Cabo San Lucas, Mexico for the surprise getaway. Some photos released by paparazzi seem to expose Sofia Richie as her bikini top is pulled back, showing her right nipple according to multiple NSFW tweet recounting the couple’s romantic embrace.

In another set of photographs, Justin Bieber once again showed his bottom to the world, pulling down his pants with a hotel security guard and Sofia Richie looking on, according to The Daily Mail. The “Sorry” singer seemed anything but sorry as he climbed between the spread legs of Sofia Richie to continue their session unabashed public display of affection.

The event sparked Justin Bieber fans to start a new hashtag that was trending throughout the day Sunday — #justinssextapeleakedparty. Sofia Richie — who is the daughter of legendary singer Lionel Richie — was targeted again by Beliebers upset that the singer had chose her over Selena Gomez.

The event was delayed by a few days due to Sofia Richie being sick on her birthday, which actually was August 24. Justin Bieber wanted to make up the difference in a big way, which he did according to details Us Weekly reported about how the romantic weekend started with heart-shaped candles in their private room.

Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie have known each other for a long time, meaning their recent spark between the two surprises only those outside their inner circles, according to an unnamed source. People additionally reported that the source thought the relationship — like several others in the “Love Yourself” singer’s past — would be short-lived despite how steamy the relationship between Justin Bieber and Sofia Richie appears currently.

“Sofia and Justin are basically on a love-fest right now, but it’s virtually impossible where he’s at in his life and career for anything to last with these girls. These girls all go crazy for him, but he’s not settling down.”

That sentiment is not being shared by Sofia Richie, according to another source. The 18-year-old model is hoping that she and Bieber can settle into a long-term relationship, a source close to Richie explained.

“Besides hooking up it all started as really good friends so they have a great foundation. They have not discussed titles yet with each other, just taking it slow. Sofia would like to be exclusive and hopes it will lead into that shortly. She has always had something for Justin.”


Justin Bieber has made the rounds with a number of women this year publicly, according to The Daily Beast. In addition to Sofia Richie, Justin kicked off 2016 by kissing model and family friend Hailey Baldwin, sparking rumors the two were romantically connected. Bieber later joined Hailey Baldwin at a Super Bowl party in February, intensifying the interest surrounding the probable couple. Rumors swirled as late as May that Hailey Baldwin and Justin Bieber were romantically intertwined, but ultimately proved false according to the Inquisitr.

Just barely a few weeks before Sofia Richie came into the picture, Justin Bieber was spotted on another island getaway with Instagram model Sahara Ray. The two appeared to be skinny-dipping in a pool in a racy Instagram video that the 23-year-old Australian model shared with her million-plus followers.

Aloha ????

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