‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: POV Players Picked, Have-Not Food Revealed, And Backdoor Plans Made

There is only seven houseguests in the Big Brother house, and only four more weeks until a new winner is crowned. The house has noticed that there aren’t many people left in the game. Only one person will have to sit out for the POV (Power of Veto) competition today.

Last night, the current HOH (Head of Household), Nicole Franzel nominated Michelle Meyer and Paul Abrahamian for eviction on Thursday. Paul offered to go on the block as a pawn and agreed that it was time for Michelle to go to the jury house. In the game of Big Brother, often the pawn ends up being the person who is sent out the door on eviction night.

Online Big Brother reports that Natalie Negrotti and Michelle believe that Nicole would never put James on the block because “they love and respect each other.” Nicole has already stated that if Paul or Michelle removes themselves off of the block, she plans on nominating James or Natalie as the replacement.

Big Brother 18 spoilers indicate that Natalie believes that Nicole’s “real” target is Paul, and Michelle is a pawn. Nicole stated repeatedly in the last two days that she wants Michelle out, and Paul is up there “just to ensure that happens.”

The POV players were drawn and Nicole, Paul, Michelle, Victor, Corey, and James will play in the competition later this afternoon. Apparently, Paul picked Corey to play in the competition, which was a red flag for Michelle. She wonders why he would pick him if he was the target for this week’s eviction. James starts to worry that he may be the Big Brother target. All of the sudden, Michelle realizes that Paul, Victor Arroyo, Corey, and Nicole must have a final four deal, and are working together to get them out of the Big Brother house.

“I am starting to worry that I am the target. What if Paul wins the POV.”

Big Brother 18 spoilers revealed the have-not food for the week is squid and seaweed. Victor and Corey can eat squid, seaweed, and all-you-can-eat slop. The card on the table read, “The water has receded enjoy seaweed and Squid all week long..”

The Big Brother houseguests held their noses as they looked in disbelief that the show was going to make them eat something so repulsive. Paul played with the food and teased Corey for being a have-not again in Week 10. Paul and Natalie cleaned up the kitchen because the squid has a strong fishy odor. Corey is not amused by the squid and wonders if he can trade his America Care package win for the have-not punishment.

Online Big Brother reports that Paul told Nicole and Corey that he has no problem “blowing people’s game up” in order to keep the target on his back. He hopes that Victor wins the POV and takes him off the block. Nicole says that her biggest worry is that Michelle will win the POV, pull herself off the block, and James and Natalie will expect her to name Victor as a replacement.

“It’s just not something that I will do. It will put me in a tough spot, and will show James all my cards in the game.”

Big Brother Network reports that Nicole doesn’t trust James and felt he wasn’t sincere about working with her until the end of the game. She said she would ask him about his vote, and he would never give a concrete answer. “It was so sketchy,” Nicole explains.

” I can’t work with them moving forward. They are my number one target.”

Big Brother Network continues that Nicole will be the tie breaker this week since there are four people voting. Natalie and James will vote to keep Michelle and Corey, and Victor will vote to send Michelle out the door. Of course, the Big Brother 18 fans are confident that Nicole will take this chance to get Michelle out of the Big Brother house.


The only part of the equation that is iffy is if Michelle or Paul wins the POV today. James or Natalie would be the replacement nominee, and would likely leave on Thursday. Paul and Victor want Nicole to backdoor Natalie or James, but is Nicole ready to send her closest ally out of the Big Brother game?

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