‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Returned Jury Member Revealed, New HOH Crowned, And Nomination Plans Made

The Big Brother 18 house was thrown for a loop when they learned that a jury member would be re-entering the game. Big Brother host, Julie Chen revealed they would compete in an endurance competition to earn their way back into the game, and the rest of the house would battle for the control of the house.

Da’Vonne Rogers, Zakiyah Everette, Bridgette Dunning, Paulie Calafiore, and Victor Arroyo competed to come back into the Big Brother game. Victor won his way back in the house by outlasting the other four jury members. He broke a Big Brother record by earning his way in the house twice in one season. Many fans believe he should win the season, for that reason alone.

Big Brother Network reports that Paul Abrahamian, Nicole Franzel, and James Huling battled it out to win the HOH competition. Paul eventually dropped out after not being able to hold on anymore. Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that Nicole and James held on for almost an hour before making a deal.

Online Big Brother reports that Nicole begged James to throw the competition to her so she will receive pictures and a letter from her mother. She explained that she really needs to hear from her because “she’s her whole life.” At first, James was apprehensive and refused to quit. Eventually, after Nicole begged him for nearly 20 minutes to quit, he jumped down. Before stepping down, he made her swear that he and Natalie Negrotti were safe. James pointed out later to Michelle Meyer that promises in the Big Brother house aren’t worth much. James expects to be named as a nominee this week.

Big Brother 18 spoilers stated that Nicole said that she can’t put up James because she made a deal with him. Apparently, they made a deal that if one of them won the HOH competition, the other one would keep them safe. It almost sounded as if she wanted to go back on her deal with him, but was nervous about the backlash. Apparently, Paul or Corey Brooks are off-limits, as well, so that leaves Natalie, Victor, or Michelle.

After the Big Brother houseguests got cleaned up from the HOH competition, Natalie voiced her disappointment that James gave the HOH to Nicole. She felt it was James’ job to keep them safe, and she doesn’t trust that Nicole will honor their agreement and not put them on the block. James wants to believe that Nicole wants to work with them, and hopes Victor and Paul will end up on the block.

Nicole has the difficult task of nominating two houseguests for eviction. It looks like she is leaning towards Michelle and Victor, at the moment, but that could change before the nomination ceremony. She has mentioned that she was open to naming James or Natalie as a replacement nominee if the POV (Power of Veto).

It’s going to be an emotional week with Nicole in power. We can expect an overabundance of whining and sleeping with Nicole in control of the Big Brother house. James will learn if Nicole and Corey are loyal to him. The last America’s Care Package will be delivered in the next few days, and Big Brother expects it to stir up drama.

James told Natalie that he was upset with himself for giving up on the HOH competition because now he’s not sure if they are safe. Natalie assured him that she trusts Nicole and Corey, but there’s a little part of her that wonders if they will blindside them.

Big Brother 18 fans, are you surprised that Victor is back in the house? Are you upset that James threw the HOH competition to Nicole? Who do you think she will nominate for eviction?

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