‘Big Brother 18’ Spoilers: Victor Reveals That Corey Is Working With Paul, And James Flips His Vote, Leaving The ‘BB18’ House In Complete Chaos

In just a few hours, Big Brother 18 will evict either Corey Brooks or Victor Arroyo from the house. It has been a pretty quiet week until chaos erupted in the Big Brother house. James Huling decided to confront Paul Abrahamian about a few comments he made about him to Nicole Franzel and Corey. It became a massive showdown between Michelle Meyer and James against Paul. Of course, we can’t ignore the possibility that Paul could have planned this to throw James off for the HOH (Head of Household) competition.

Online Big Brother reports that the ordeal prompted James to reconsider who he wants to vote out tonight. The only people voting tonight are Paul, Nicole, and James. It only takes two votes to evict either Corey or Victor, and James is the deciding vote. James has said all week that he plans to vote Victor out, but he begins to wonder if it would be better for his game to get rid of Corey instead.

The one thing that is holding him back is he knows that Nicole will be angry and devastated by the betrayal. She believes they are working together, and it could make him her target. Big Brother 18 spoilers tease that James believes he must make a big move and he decides to keep Victor. As Natalie explained to him, if they evict Corey, there will be only one person mad at them, and it will cripple Nicole in the game. However, if they evict Victor, it will make Paul and Michelle turn against them.

Big Brother Network reports that Victor told James that Corey is working with Paul and named him as his target. James couldn’t believe that Nicole would “allow” Corey to target him. He reveals that he is friends with Nicole “in real life” and finds it “shady” that she would betray him like this. Victor explains that if he evicts him out of the game, it will end up costing him his life in the Big Brother house.

At first, James didn’t believe him. You can see how it could seem like Victor is just trying to save his own life in the Big Brother house. That was until Victor gave him proof. We aren’t entirely sure what this alleged proof is because Big Brother switched the camera while they continued to talk. James referenced it several times but never said exactly what the “proof” was exactly.

Jokers Updates reports Victor and Paul cannot believe that their plan has worked and James is considering flipping his vote. They don’t state they lied to James per se, but it is definitely implied. Big Brother 18 spoilers state that Paul tells Victor if they pull this “scam” off, they deserve to win the game.

“Dayum, I can’t believe that I’m talking about flipping a vote this late in the game. This is not my style.”

Big Brother 18 spoilers reveal that James admits that he feels safer with Victor because he exchanges information with them. However, Corey and Nicole keep to themselves and don’t tell them much about their targets or voting plans. James feels that Nicole and Corey use them to “collect information” and not as a trusted ally.

Big Brother 18 spoilers indicate that James cannot believe that he is considering flipping his vote so late in the day. He was dead set on getting rid of Victor hours earlier, but now he isn’t sure what he wants to do. Eventually, James reveals that he wants to vote out Corey, and keep Victor for another week. It looks like Paul’s plan worked and he saved Victor from the Big Brother chopping block. Will James change his mind again before the live vote?

Big Brother 18 fans, who do you think will leave the house, Corey or Victor? What jury member do you want to come back into the Big Brother house? Stick with the Inquisitr for more Big Brother 18 spoilers, news, and daily live feed updates.

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