San Jose Father Charged With 6-Week-Old Baby’s Death After Investigation Reveals Horrific Levels Of Abuse

Matthew Zabala, a convicted child abuser, has been charged with the death of his 6-week-old daughter, Mila, after investigation revealed horrific levels of abuse, according to San Jose County authorities.

While Mercury News reports that Mila was subjected to extensive levels of everyday abuse, it was not until last Sunday that the case came to light of the authorities. The 6-week-old girl was rushed to a local hospital with a cardiac arrest. The medical staff estimated that Mila had stopped breathing at least 30 minutes before she was brought to the hospital, with her brain showing no activity at the time she was brought in.

The doctors’ worst fears came true when the reports of the X-rays and MRI came in. According to the reports, there were multiple fractures on Mila’s body, including her skull. The fractures were in varied stages of healing, showing that the young girl had been constantly abused in her short life. Another report showed that Mila’s skull fracture “was the result of intentional crushing of the skull” leading authorities to believe that the toddler had been subject to grave abuse.

Soon enough, the case elicited the attention of the homicide department, child abuse detectives and crime scene investigators. They interviewed Matthew Zabala and his wife at their home in Boston Avenue, with the child’s mother telling authorities that the couple had been dating for almost five years and during all that time, Zabala had routinely “punched, slapped, choked and pushed” her. The mother, whose name has not been released because she is also a victim of abuse, chronicled a “long history” of domestic violence to the interviewers, pointing out the reason that the girl had been carried to the hospital on Sunday.

According to the authorities, Zabala had been “too rough” with his daughter, beating her up on several occasions despite her tender age. A day before she was taken to the hospital, Matthew Zabala had “ripped” the baby from a car seat “because he was frustrated,” leading to the baby’s skull fracture after her head hit the seat’s carry handle.

Next day, the mother of the child reportedly heard a “blood curdling scream” emerge from the other room. She rushed the baby to the hospital, where doctors told her that her daughter had not been breathing.

Mila succumbed to her injuries Friday morning. Despite the best efforts of the doctors, the toddler could not be saved. The death of the child has left the law enforcement officers involved in the case in shock, with many still not able to believe that they could not do anything to save the child.

Matthew Zabala was charged with the brutal abuse and murder of his child, as well as being charged with domestic violence. What is especially troubling about the case, said the authorities, was the fact that the mother of the child never came forward to lodge a formal complaint against Zabala in all the five years she was with him, which could perhaps have saved the young girl from dying.

Moreover, authorities found that Zabala had already served a sentence for abusing another child he had fathered with another woman. He met Mila’s mother around the time he was serving his sentence. However, NBC News reports that Zabala has never been in the state prison system, at least under his current name or birth date provided.

It is probable Zabala was now living under a different name, although authorities refused to shed further light in that regard.

Zabala is currently being held in Santa Clara County Main Jail and his bail has been set at $1 million. Deputy District Attorney Stacey Capps has pledged to “get some sense of justice for Baby Mila.”

“This is one of the worst scenarios that can happen in a domestic abuse case. This is one of the most devastating cases you can work on as prosecutor.”

The Santa Clara County Sheriff’s Office, along with the hospital staff where Mila was taken, have setup a GoFundMe campaign to cover the young girl’s funeral expenses.

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