WWE News: WWE Planning To Push Roman Reigns Back To Top Guy Role?

A little while back, we were talking about how long WWE Superstar Roman Reigns would remain the WWE World Heavyweight Champion. Seth Rollins would return from injury at WWE Extreme Rules to make his presence known and inform Reigns that he was back to claim the title he never truly lost. Rollins would keep his word and beat Reigns cleanly in the middle of the ring at WWE Money in the Bank to the shock of everyone at home. Dean Ambrose would however cash in his Money in the Bank briefcase he won earlier that night and he would walk out the WWE World Champion.

It was a really cool moment and a time in history that most would never forget. Reigns would clearly need to get a rematch, but Rollins rightfully would need one too since he did lose the title last. That set up a triple threat between all three former Shield members at WWE Battleground. The day after, Reigns would be formally suspended. That meant he dropped his title because WWE was informed he failed a drug test, which is still reportedly due to Reigns using Adderall.

Fans were angry that Reigns was getting a World Title match the moment he came back, but it was widely assumed that he would take the fall in the match and may be pushed out of the main event at the very least after this. That was certainly WWE’s plan at the end of the day. Ringside News reports that Vince McMahon wanted to stop the Roman Reigns mega-push and put him in a mid-card program.

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The idea would be that he would have to earn his way back up after a short program with WWE United States Champion Rusev. In fact, both Reigns and Rollins were set to be out of the World Title scene until later in the year. Sadly Finn Balor would get hurt in the match with Rollins to crown the first ever WWE Universal Champion. This led to the title being vacated and a fatal four way to eventually be planned for next week’s WWE RAW program between Seth Rollins, Roman Reigns, Kevin Owens, and Big Cass.

RSN reports that Reigns was supposed to be out of the main event program, but with Balor’s injury, the company does need a top babyface on RAW. The idea all along was to put the Universal Title on a top babyface and move into another program down the line with a top heel, most likely Rollins.

It does appear that by simple math, WWE has no choice but to bring Reigns back to the top guy role. With no other top babyface set on RAW, WWE may have no choice but to put Reigns as the top face for now.

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While there are reports of a possible double turn with Seth Rollins and Roman Reigns upcoming, this cannot be taken as fact just yet. WWE fans felt all along that Rollins should have come back a face while WWE set Reigns as a top heel. It would have made more sense to do it this way, but the main issue with a turn now would be the issue of Finn Balor’s return.

Ideally he would go after Seth Rollins, the man who injured him, and possibly take back the Universal Title he never lost. If anyone could understand this storyline, it would be Seth Rollins considering he just went through it a little while back.

The issue is that WWE needs a top face and Roman Reigns is the only guy they have set in stone as a top face on the RAW brand, even if he was pushed back a bit due to his suspension. They could go with the double turn, but storylines down the line would be mixed up and it would change a lot of material. That said, there are rumors that Reigns will win the WWE Universal Title next week on RAW. Those reports, while obviously not confirmed, are more than likely true if WWE wants a top face to hold the new title. If not, Seth Rollins and/or Kevin Owens very well could become champ.

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