Ben Stein, Former Bush Aides, And GOP Women, Might Vote Democrat, Calling Trump Security Risk, Misogynist, And A Sociopath

The list of Republicans that might vote Democrat this Fall is growing. They rank from top brass advising the George W. Bush administration, to economist and former President Nixon speechwriter Ben Stein. There is also a long lineup of Republican women that are not beating around the bush and coming right out to say they won’t vote for Mr. Trump.

The reasons? CNN reports one reason that members of the GOP camp are saying that they might vote Democrat include the current GOP candidate is a security risk, according to a top George W. Bush adviser. A Jeb Bush adviser has labeled Trump a misogynist according to Cleveland, and NBC News has reported that a former Senator has put it in writing via email that he thinks Trump is a sociopath.

Among other things, economist and former speech writer for President Nixon, Ben Stein has been very vocal about his thoughts on Trump. He’s called him a “big sulking baby” and has been reported as citing Trump as being “dangerously misinformed,” “whiny,” and most recently saying “I don’t think Trump knows a [bleep] thing about economics.”

Additionally, Republican women are calling Trump a misogynist. Many Republican women may vote Democrat.

The most recent top Republican brass that has come out to say they might vote for Hillary Clinton is Paul Wolfowitz, an adviser to former President George W. Bush. CNN reports he recently told German magazine, Der Spiegel, that he wished “there were somebody I could be comfortable voting for.”

Wolfowitz said he may be forced to vote for Hillary, despite his reservations about her. They are big words from someone considered to be a neoconservative. He served as Deputy Secretary of Defense in the Bush Administration and is considered a leading voice in the development of the Iraq War.

He finds Trump’s comments on foreign policy “pretty disturbing” according to CNN, and also cites Trump as a security risk. He also said that United States security depends on “good relationships with allies,” but that Trump’s mentality “shows contempt” for those relationships.

Wolfowitz also described Trump’s “lack of concern” for Russia’s interference in the Ukraine as dangerous. CNN reports that he said the following.

“The only way you can be comfortable about Trump’s foreign policy is to think he doesn’t really mean anything he says. That’s a pretty uncomfortable place to be in. Our security depends on having good relationships with our allies. Trump mainly shows contempt for them. And he seems to be unconcerned about the Russian aggression in Ukraine. By doing this he tells them that they can go ahead and do what they are doing. That is dangerous.”

Wolfowitz is not the only top brass to a former Republican President to have strong words about Donald Trump, words that are so strong they may lead these GOP to vote Democrat. Ben Stein, economist and former speechwriter for President Nixon, attended Yale Law School with Hillary Clinton and says he may vote for her.

Ben Stein has been very vocal for months about his thoughts on what Donald Trump knows, or doesn’t know, about the economy. Stein told CNN Money that the United States is frequently being killed on trade deals, and starting trade wars is “a very, very bad idea.” He says he doesn’t know where Trump got that idea from, telling CNN the following.

“I don’t know where he got the idea that you can just somehow drive a big pickup truck into Mexico and bring back all the jobs. It’s just not true.”

Stein also wants America to know that the idea that the United States is giving away jobs to China and Mexico is “just not true.” He says America has “full employment” according to Politicus USA, and that if anything, there’s a labor shortage in America.

America is not shipping away work, there are many fields, like nursing and medicine, that experience huge shortages because there just aren’t enough Americans to fill those jobs. Manufacturing jobs, Stein says, do go overseas sometimes. But he reminds Americans that they are consumers as much as they are laborers.

Stein says trade deals benefit America for this very reason. But he doesn’t like what Trump wants to do to deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership. He also told CNN Money that he doesn’t think Trump “knows a [bleep] thing about economics.”

Having written a one payer health care plan for former President Richard Nixon, Ben Stein hinted to CNN this Spring that Trump might not get his vote, citing him “dangerously misinformed.” Carol Costello asked who he would vote for.

“I went to law school with Mrs. Clinton so I’ve always had a kind of fondness for her. She was always a very nice young woman…and so I kind of liked her…. I’ve never voted for a Democrat, but Mr. Trump is uh dangerously misinformed.”

Ben Stein is not the only GOP brass to say out loud they might vote Democrat. The New York Daily News reports that another GOP speechwriter may vote for Hillary Clinton. Richard Cross wrote the speech for the infamous “Benghazi mom” that spoke at July’s Republican National Convention. The New York Daily News reports that he has since told the Baltimore Sun,

“Despite what I wrote in that nationally televised speech about Hillary Clinton, I may yet have to vote for her because of the epic deficiencies of my own party’s nominee.”

He also said that to vote for Hillary Clinton would be like Dr. Van Helsing voting for Dracula. He’s uncomfortable with the thought. But, seemingly more uncomfortable with the “epic deficiencies” of his own party’s candidate saying voting for her is less uncomfortable than not voting for her.

Another top GOP official has outright referred to Donald Trump as a sociopath according to NBC News. Former GOP Senator Gordon Humphrey put it in writing, in an email.

“I am ever more confirmed in my believe that Trump is a sociopath, without a conscience or feelings of guilt, shame, or remorse. He is pathologically insecure, recklessly attacking anyone who does not confirm him as the best there is.”

Former Senator Humphrey also said that imagining Trump as the Commander in Chief is “frightening.” He also said he would only vote for Hillary Clinton in the event of a very tight race. Humphrey was a leader in the GOP camp that was working to block the Trump nomination at last month’s convention, despite the fact that he wrote the speech for the Benghazi mom that once said there was a “special place in hell for Hillary Clinton.”

And yet, Humphrey may vote for her. Watch that powerful speech here, where Hillary Clinton is cited as a liar, among many other strong allegations.

There is also a long list of GOP women that may vote Democrat. A top advisor to Jeb Bush, Sally Bradshaw, has labeled Trump a narcissist, misogynist, and a bigot, according to Cleveland. She was a top adviser to the Jeb Bush 2016 campaign but has since left the party to become an Independent.

Slate Magazine has said that she’s not the only one. Former George W. Bush aide Lezlee Westine will vote for Hillary Clinton, and Hewlett-Packard executive Meg Whitman has said she will vote for Hillary as well. Slate also reported that Kori Schake, an adviser to John McCain’s 2008 Presidential bid was one of the 50 top GOP officials publishing a letter in the New York Times saying a “Trump presidency would put at risk our country’s national security and well-being.”

Schake is also concerned that the current polling data may be wrong. She’s referring to the polling data that has Clinton ahead. Slate reports that she has said the following.

“I genuinely worried that the polls could be off by a lot in this election, and we could all end up with Trump as President because we had indulged the luxury of not voting for Clinton.”

GOP delegate for this year’s Republican National Convention Rina Shah Bharara was reportedly stripped of her delegate credentials according to Slate Magazine when she said on Fox News that she may vote Democrat. GOP delegates are required to sign an affidavit saying they will vote for the Republican nominee. Then she said she wouldn’t vote that way, and lost her credentials.

She fought for them back and has since said she will keep her promise to vote GOP, but says that can’t stop her from campaigning for Hillary Clinton. After the Khan incident, where Trump belittled a Gold Star mom, Slate reports Bharara said, “If there are any more weeks like this past one, I may end up at somebody’s door wearing a Hillary shirt.”

There is a long list of the most well respected GOP brass saying they might vote Democrat. There is also seemingly a long list of reasons why. Watch this video here where Ben Stein refers to the candidates as, “One is a grownup, and the other is a big sulking baby.”

Granted, he says the other candidate is “not a stupid big sulking baby.” But Stein also refers to him as “wildly dishonest.” Do you think there is any chance for a Trump Presidency?

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