Mariah Carey: All About ‘Mariah’s World,’ Take A Peek Inside

Mariah Carey is never out of the spotlight for a lengthy amount of time and now she’s got a whole TV docu-series that gives her life the ongoing attention of millions of viewers. It was initially a bit of a surprise to some when the announcement was made that Carey would be starring in her own reality show, Mariah’s World, seeing as many of the diva’s entourage members saw reality shows as being beneath the star. Upon true observation of Carey and her ways, it’s really not all that surprising that the songstress would be so easily swayed into signing on to be the focus of a television series.

Mariah, who does not like to refer to the upcoming show as a reality program, reportedly leaves very little out and gives a true glimpse into her world as a superstar on the show. Carey, who has been a Vegas resident since mid-2015 and will continue on until the late fall, allows cameras to give viewers a glimpse into all that goes on behind the scenes while she preps for her performances. The series also follows Mariah behind the scenes of her Sweet Sweet Fantasy World Tour. But it’s not all work-related shots and scenarios viewers will get. Carey is also apparently going to be filmed planning her wedding to her Australian billionaire beau James Packer in clips on the show.

Billboard shares a few of the scenarios that we can expect while viewing the sure-to-be hit series.

“It looks like very little of Mimi’s life is off limits. Fans will see Carey stomping through dance rehearsals (and being toted around by muscular male dancers), trying on lavish wedding gowns, pranking a fan as ‘Pamela’ and lounging at home in — what else? — a black corset.”

In a recent interview with the publication, Mariah shared her opinion about what is engaging for viewers and what she expects to be left out of the series, confirming the reason that the diva doesn’t see the series as a reality show.

“If I’m touring or in the studio and doing things that are intertwined with my life… and people respond to it, then we should do it. If I’m sitting around getting pedicures, then we shouldn’t. To me, that’s boring as hell.”

Carey is always one to share exactly what she feels on a subject and will likely be very much a part of the process when deciding which moments to add to the series. Her former days on television include a season on American Idol, about which the star recently had negative things to say. The season Carey spent on the show included a tumultuous relationship with co-judge Nicki Miaj. The two musical stars just never saw eye-to-eye and things became quite nasty between the stars at times. At one point Nicki completely walked out of the audition room.

Although Carey played her part in the feud, she recently referred to her time on the program as abusive. The Toronto Sun reminds readers of the songstress’ words on the subject.

“When asked by a reporter what she learned from her season on Idol, Mariah replied, ‘Ugh. It was the most abusive experience.’ Then taking a large swig of champagne, she quipped, ‘And by the way, you’ve just driven me to drink.'”

Contestants who were part of the same season that Carey was a co-judge for, were taken aback by her description of the time she spent on the show, indicating that Mariah was treated like a goddess by the producers. Lazaro Arbos of season 12 spoke on the topic.

“I’m honestly shocked she said that, because of all the times we were on the set filming and even when we got to the live shows she was always treated with respect and courtesy from the producers.”

On Mariah’s World, fans and viewers will likely see constant diva moments that will confirm why Mariah has earned the reputation as being just that.

[Photo by Frederick M. Brown/Getty Images]