Islamic State Militants Want Donald Trump To Be America’s Next President

Donald Trump might be facing a serious deficit when it comes to support among Americans after a string of damaging weeks has led to the dwindling of his poll numbers, but he has managed to gain the support of one group he has constantly railed against — the Islamic State. The Republican nominee has virtually based half his campaign on the threat posed to America by the Islamic militant organization, promising to “knock the hell out of ISIS” if elected to the White House.

However, while those promises have appeased some of his supporters who are becoming increasingly fidgety with the rise of the Islamic fundamentalist organization in Europe, Donald Trump’s statements do not seem to have the desired effect on the militants themselves. If anything, his constant railing, often backed by an insubstantial action plan, seems to have afforded Islamic State militants further hope that his selection as the President of the United States is exactly what the organization needs if it is to broaden its influence in the United States and elsewhere.

According to Foreign Affairs magazine, which carried out a detailed analysis of ISIS-affiliated social media channels, while also conducting interviews with some of its prominent members, the Islamic State is banking on Donald Trump to become its next recruitment tool. Trump’s over-the-top rhetoric makes him the “perfect enemy,” one ISIS member told the magazine.

“I ask Allah to deliver America to Trump,” a militant wrote last week on an ISIS-affiliated media outlet, according to the New York Daily News.

Another Islamic State proponent even went on to declare on ISIS social media channels that “the ‘facilitation’ of Trump’s arrival in the White House must be a priority for jihadists at any costs.”

Donald Trump’s bizarre, boorish approach to the ISIS has made him a favorite among members of the militant organization. [Photo by Eduardo Munoz Alvarez/Getty Images]
Donald Trump has repeatedly called for harsh, some of which border on the ridiculous, measures against the Islamic State, arguing that if elected to power, he will wipe the organization from the face of the earth. However, his claims have mostly lacked practical military considerations, according to top security experts familiar with the group’s operation in the Middle East, while at the same time displaying his boorishness when it comes to dealing with matters of international terrorism.

The Republican nominee was recently the center of a controversy when he called Barack Obama the “founder of ISIS,” an absurd claim that showed little respect for the complexities that triggered the rise of Islamic State in the Middle East. Before that, Trump had even claimed that he would defeat ISIS with “brutal and relentless” attacks on Twitter.

“Under President Obama, ISIS has been able to maraud and rampage with impunity,” Trump had said last year, reports the New Yorker.

“When I’m in the White House, the leaders of ISIS are going to bear the brunt of the most vicious tweets the world has ever known. Of all the people running for President, I have by far the most Twitter-war experience. I will declare an all-out Twitter war on ISIS, and I will win.”

It is little wonder, then, that ISIS members are rooting for Donald Trump to win the race to the White House. According to them, Trump’s win would be great for recruitment, while at the same time his extreme views would help radicalize more Muslims in the U.S. and Europe as well as inspire them to commit “lone-wolf attacks.”

ISIS members are not particularly fond of the idea of Hillary Clinton coming to the White House because she “never says anything bad about Muslims.” [Photo by Joe Raedle/Getty Images]
On the other hand, Hillary Clinton, who has made it a point to separate Islamic State with Islam, does not feature in ISIS propaganda videos because, as one ex-fighter explained, “she never says anything bad about Muslims.” He also said that Clinton was not great for recruitment because of her claims like “Islam is not our adversary” and “Muslims are peaceful and tolerant people.”

While the top hierarchies of the Islamic State already believe that the West is against them, “the beauty of Trump is that he is an ‘incubator’ for homegrown terrorists.”

The New York Times‘ columnist Thomas Friedman had said earlier that there is “no doubt that ISIS would want Trump to win.”

“He must be smoking bad hashish to say such crazy things,” one ex-fighter said about Trump. Jihadists also believe that Donald Trump’s loose-lipped, shoot-from-the-hip decision-making is going to benefit them tremendously in the long term.

Trump is essentially viewed as “an unstable and irrational leader whose impulsive decision-making” will hurt the U.S., according to Foreign Affairs magazine. One ISIS spokesman said that Trump being elected to the Oval Office will “cause trouble with Arab despots… especially in the Gulf. Trump’s reign in America will unsettle (Gulf) rulers and make them vulnerable. The religious clerics of these rulers will not be able to defend them, and large numbers of people will join jihad.”

It remains to be seen if the Islamic State would live to see the day Donald Trump becomes president, but the besieged group is certainly looking up to the Republican nominee to give them a major shot in the arm.

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