Major WWE Update On Finn Balor’s Return Plus A Sweepstakes Every WWE Fan Should Enter

At SummerSlam, Finn Balor became the inaugural WWE universal champion. Unfortunately, early in the match Finn Balor injured his shoulder and had to relinquish the title the following Monday on Raw. Since then, he underwent surgery and the superstar appears to be in high spirits.

The rise to the main roster of the WWE has been a long road for Finn Balor. He began his professional wrestling career in 2000 for NWA UK, and by 2006 he was wrestling for the prestigious NJPW (New Japan Pro Wrestling). In 2007, he hit a roadblock in his career after he suffered a serious knee injury. During a tour in Mexico, the superstar had a brief delay in his career because of an injury to his calf, but the relentless superstar would return to action in just one week. After performing for several years worldwide, including wrestling for numerous independent organizations in the states, Balor finally arrived at NXT in 2014.

Finn Balor NXT WWE
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It was during his stint with NXT that he started to occasionally don himself in body paint, portraying his alter-ego Demon Balor. During the WWE Network special event The Beast in the East on July 4, 2015, Balor returned to Japan and defeated Kevin Owens for the NXT Championship. Finn Balor successfully defended the title for 292 days, making him the longest reigning NXT Champion. Samoa Joe and Finn Balor feuded for the title and after Balor defeated Joe twice, he eventually lost the title to him at an untelevised house show.

This past summer, the WWE went through a brand-split and an official draft took place on Smackdown Live to decide which wrestlers would exclusively perform on Raw, and which wrestlers would exclusively perform on Smackdown Live. It was at the draft that Finn Balor was officially brought onto the main roster from NXT when he was selected for Raw.

WWE Raw Finn Balor
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As the The Rolling Stone reported, the following Monday Finn Balor made his WWE debut on Raw. The superstar wrestled twice that night to decide who would go on to SummerSlam to wrestle Seth Rollins for the WWE Universal Championship. The first match he had on Raw was a fatal four-way match where he defeated Cesaro, Rusev, and Kevin Owens. Later that night, he would defeat Roman Reigns in singles competition to seal his spot in the main event at SummerSlam.

It was during that main event match that Finn received an injury to his shoulder when he was thrown into the outside barricade. Finn Balor posted a video on August 26 updating his fans and the WWE Universe on his recovery. In the video, he explained how he was feeling.

“Today was probably one of the longest days in my entire life. Turned out the surgery was a lot more complicated than was first anticipated.”

He would go on to explain his process of post recovery and gave a time frame for how long he is going to be away from the squared circle.

In further WWE news, there is a sweepstakes that’s free for anyone to enter that every wrestling fan should partake in. Aaron’s, a national furniture and electronics chain, is holding an “Own the Ring” sweepstakes and contestants can enter online. The winner of the contest will receive two tickets for a WWE pay-per-view scheduled for December 18 in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. In addition, the winner will receive a replica of a championship belt (contest link below).



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While fans anxiously await the return of Finn Balor, they can enter the Aaron’s WWE sweepstakes by clicking the link below to see their favorite WWE superstars live in person.

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