‘Descendants Of The Sun’ Season 2 Not Happening After Director Resigns From KBS?

Months after the famed military romance ended, fans are still hopeful that there would be a Descendants of the Sun Season 2. Song Joong Ki and Song He Kyo’s chemistry continues to grace headlines because viewers are yearning to see more of the soldier and doctor’s romance.

However, the possibility of a Descendants of the Sun Season 2 seems to be dim for now as KBS confirms the resignation of the show’s producing director Lee Eung Bok.

While the network previously shunned the rumors of his resignation, KBS now accepted Lee Eung Bok’s decision. According to Soompi, speculations have emerged that he would now work with tvN on a show with the tentative title, Goblin.

Last March, chief producer Ham Young Hoon, who also worked for the hit drama, similarly resigned from KBS.

Lee Eung Bok previously made headlines after expressing joy for the success of Descendants of the Sun. He said that there were people who initially raised brows, saying that it’s impossible to reach 30 percent ratings for dramas these days. There were those who said that no pre-produced dramas have been successful before.

The director opted not to be discouraged by the stereotypes. He worked on the simple principle that “people will watch something if it’s entertaining.” Fortunately, the cast did not listen to the naysayers. The show is now deemed as one of South Korea’s most successful dramas.


When asked what made Descendants of the Sun triumphant, Lee Eung Bok cited various reasons to Korea Times.

“The reason for the success of the drama is because it is entertaining in various ways and also deeply moving. The writer did a good job on the story and the actors portrayed it really well. The deciding factor for the success also includes the inclusion of star writer Kim Eun Sook in Descendants of the Sun, its airing on KBS, and the casting of Song Joong Ki and Song Hye Kyo.”

He also revealed that the Descendants of the Sun crew and cast members were not the network’s initial choices, but they ended up making the show remarkable.

“Although all of these events may seem like it happened by chance, looking back, I think fate had a hand in it. Not everyone, including the writer, actors, and production staff were first priority picks but they ended up being the best choice.”

Song Joong Ki was reportedly not the initial choice for Captain Yoo Si Jin’s character because the director believed “his pretty image contrasted with the robust and brawny image” they were aiming for.

Nonetheless, the 30-year-old actor managed to prove how fit he was for the character. Song He Kyo also has nothing but praises for her previous co-star. As per the International Business Times, she admires the actor’s great attitude.

Song Joong Ki is known for his sincerity and manners. Although there were difficult scenes including the earthquake, Song was the same all the time. The total shooting period for the drama was nearly double that of other dramas. For the whole six months, Song could have been edgy and lose his temper, but he didn’t.”

The 34-year-old actress added that while he was younger than her, she learned a lot from his ways. Despite reports that Song Joong Ki and Song He Kyo are dating, the pair remains hush.


Just last week, Song He Kyo contacted Coffee Pong to send a coffee truck to Gwangon Province where Song Joong Ki is filming Battleship Island.


The coffee company shared the news on its page claiming that Song He Kyo personally called them to arrange the gift. Her treat was a great help because the cast and crew members of the upcoming war film were “sweating like it was raining.”

The mobile coffee truck came with a banner to cheer Song Joong Ki and his colleagues. Song He Kyo sent the same gift to Yoo Jong Seon, one of the producers of Descendants of the Sun, who is now working for a play titled Red Teacher.

[Image via KBS]