Pope Francis To Make UFO And Alien Disclosure, Proclaim The Antichrist At 2016 Mekudeshet Festival In Jerusalem, According To Conspiracy Theorists [Video]

Rumors making the rounds in the conspiracy theory blogosphere claim that Pope Francis would make UFO and alien disclosure, declare a one-world religion, and then proclaim the Antichrist as leader of the satanic New World Order (NWO) at an ecumenical gathering of the world’s three monotheist faiths that will take place September 4-23, 2016, in Jerusalem.

The special interfaith event, the 2016 Mekudeshet Festival, has been touted as the biggest ecumenical gathering ever.

According to the organizers, the 2016 Mekudeshet Festival is a “new interfaith and spiritual gathering of Christians, Jews and Muslims.”

Breaking Israel News reports that the 2016 Mekudeshet ecumenical gathering is an initiative of the Jerusalem Season of Culture to bring together the world’s three major faiths that “share a belief in one God and a boundless love for Jerusalem to dialogue, study, sing and pray together in one temporary house of worship.”

During the nearly month-long 2016 Mekudeshet event, representatives of the three “Abrahamic faiths” will hold friendly discussion and debate sessions at the Jerusalem Music Center.

Prayers will be said three times a day in Arabic, Hebrew, and Coptic. The event will feature musical artists and actors from across the globe. There will also be media events, according to the organizers.

“We will inaugurate a temporary home for the three religions that share Jerusalem and for all those who wish to dwell under the wings of the Almighty.”


But not everyone shares the enthusiasm and optimism of the organizers of the 2016 Mekudeshet Festival. News about the upcoming event has sparked a frenzy of conspiracy theory rumor-mongering in the right-wing conspiracy theory blogosphere.

According to conspiracy and doomsday theorists, the 2016 Mekudeshet ecumenical gathering is the culmination of ongoing sinister plans by the clandestine Illuminati cabal to enforce through the United Nations, a pagan one-world religion that precedes the evil one-world government of the New World Order(NWO) and the inauguration of the rule of the Antichrist.

According to Pastor Hal Mayer, writing on KTF News, the 2016 Mekudeshet Festival is the predecessor of the pagan one-world religion of the satanic Antichrist or Beast, the evil prophetic figure mentioned in the New Testament Book of Revelation.

Evangelical Christians and right-wing conspiracy theorists are opposed to Pope Francis’ efforts to promote interfaith unity, saying that it betrays the principles of true Christian faith that insists on Christianity’s exclusive access to God and salvation.

According to conspiracy theorists, Pope Francis’ efforts to bring about a new world religion in which all religions, sects, and denominations are brought together as one identifies him as the False Prophet mentioned in the Book of Revelation.

“And the beast was taken, and with him the false prophet that wrought miracles before him… these were cast alive into a lake of fire burning with brimstone.” [Revelation 19: 20]

Pope Francis met with the Patriarch Kirill of Russia in February for the first time since the 1054 East-West schism. He also met with Ecumenical Patriarch Bartholomew, Archbishop of Constantinople. During the meeting, the leaders shocked conservatives by voicing support for migrants, as the Associated Press reported.

Also in May, Francis met with Sheikh Ahmad el-Tayeb, the grand imam of Cairo’s Al-Azhar Mosque, who is considered the head of Sunni Islam.

Conservative Christians also accuse Francis of wrongly comparing aggressive Christian evangelical outreach with Islamic jihad.

“Many think differently, feel differently, seeking God or meeting God in different ways,” Pope Francis said. “In this crowd, in this range of religions, there is only one certainty we have for all: We are all children of God.”

Such pronouncements by Pope Francis shock conservative Christians.

“The Bible teaches that there’s only one way to the Father – through Jesus Christ,” Pastor Mayer said in response to Pope’s comment. “To suggest anything else causes confusion and deceives.”

The conspiracy theory blog The Common Sense Show, cynically dubbed the 2016 Mekudeshet Festival as Bohemian Grove II, claiming that the meeting is the culmination of the efforts of Pope Francis to impose a world government-sponsored one-world religion.

According to conspiracy theorist David Hodges, writing on The Common Sense Show, several analysts and close watchers of developments that will usher in fulfillment of end-time prophecies say that at the 2016 Mekudeshet ecumenical gathering, world leaders will hold secret meetings to finalize plans for implementation of the infamous Project Blue Beam.

According to conspiracy theorists, Pope Francis is the charismatic False Prophet of biblical prophecy who would deceive the world to follow the Antichrist [Image via Shutterstock]
Hodges claims that an unnamed Catholic Bishop confirmed fears that Project Blue Beam false flag event to usher in the rule of the Antichrist is imminent.

Many biblical doomsday conspiracy theorists believe that Pope Francis is the False Prophet linked with the diabolical Antichrist personality in the prophecies of the Book of Revelation. The Antichrist, also known as the Beast (whose number is 666), is the end-time satanic personality that will inaugurate the evil one-world government. He will act with the help of an equally evil religious leader called the False Prophet.

The False Prophet and the Antichrist will fight against Jesus at his second coming, according to end-time conspiracy theorists.

Believers claim that recent statements by Pope Francis expressing belief in extraterrestrial life were intended to prepare the minds of millions of Christians for the final implementation of Project Blue Beam deception that will usher in the evil NWO government.

According to conspiracy theorists, the Antichrist is an evil world leader who would establish a satanic New World Order [Image via Shutterstock]
Pope Francis, in collaboration with world leaders, the United Nations, and NASA, will use advanced holographic image projection technology to simulate alien invasion of the world. The NWO cabal will use Project Blue Beam to deceive millions that alien species have invaded the Earth and that only a one-world government led by the Antichrist can save the world.

According to conspiracy theorists, Hollywood’s recent focus on ET-themed movies, such as Independence Day, is part of alleged “predictive programming” of unsuspecting masses to make them receptive to the Project Blue Beam alien invasion deception.

The conspiracy theory blogosphere exploded recently in a frenzy of speculation after Pope Francis said he would baptize aliens if they come to Earth.

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