Pennsylvania Couple Has $10,000 In Wedding Gifts Stolen [Video]

A Bucks County, Pennsylvania couple had $10,000 worth of cash and gifts stolen the day after their wedding, WFMZ reports.

Amy and Jason Wright were married on Saturday, September 23, with 110 guests in attendance. The next day, the couple discovered that their wedding gifts — which had been left outside under a tent — were gone.

“Somebody had come and taken all of the wedding gifts. Every last card was gone, the boxes, the gift bags,” 30-year-old Amy Wright said. She and her new husband were sleeping in a house just 20 yards away.

The pair searched the 25 acres of their friend’s farm in Springfield Township and found cards and gift bags floating in a pond. They then called the police, and said they believed there were multiple people involved in the crime, or that the thieves took multiple trips. The couple said they felt violated. Amy Wright said:

“We had to call every family member and friend and ask them what did you give, it was embarrassing. It sounds sad to say but I just feel like I can’t trust the world anymore. It’s just disappointing.”

Jason Wright said:

“I feel more sorry for the people who put their time and effort and hard-earned money into picking [the gifts] out and getting them. But at this point it’s strictly principle. Like [Amy] said, we feel so violated we just want them caught.”

Pat Raynock, a family friend who owns a farm nearby, said stealing presents at a wedding “is about as low as you can go.”

State police are investigating the crime, and Jason Wright’s father is offering a $1,000 reward for information leading to the thieves’ arrest.

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