Hillary Clinton’s GOP Supporters Are Already Looking To Destroy Her

This presidential election race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump — if you’re not blinded by endless conspiracy and misinformation — looks very much to be in Clinton’s favor.

There is no doubt that Hillary Clinton will have a fight on her hands with a Republican-controlled congress when she wins the election; but a recent report by POLITICO suggests there will not be a “honeymoon” before going right into the oval office, not only because if the chance that the majority of Republican seats will be filled in order to give her a hard time but, because even her GOP supporters are plotting to go right after her from the time the election is called.

The article quotes Republican strategist Tim Miller, Jeb Bush’s former communications director turned anti-Trump activist.

“I would love to be working against Hillary Clinton right now, but it’s a strange year. The cannons have been lowered against her because of our candidate. Hillary Clinton, being a multi-decade partisan who fought tooth and nail with Republicans and called them her enemy, is uniquely ill-suited to having a honeymoon period if she wins.”

There has been a view that because of Donald Trump’s offensive campaign, that it would effect down ballot elections and Republicans would lose the House. But the article says that even some of Hillary Clinton’s top aides are saying Democrats will likely not win a majority of the House of Representatives.

Unless there are significant changes to lower ballot elections, giving Democrats the majority of the House, Hilary Clinton can expect plenty of opposition from a Republican led House. [By Speaker John Boenher via Flickr/ CC BY-NC 2.0]
Jonathan Cowan, who was a former White House Bill Clinton official, was also quoted in the article on this point of view.

“What that would leave her with is an absolute imperative to govern from the center. She will have no choice. There is no choice. Obama will have picked most of the low hanging executive orders, and she’ll be in this Grover Cleveland moment.”

It’s said that Grover Cleveland was elected during a time that Washington was dominated by Republicans, as opposed to Democratic presidents coming into office with a Democratic majority in their party.

According to McFarland’s biography on the 24th president of the United States, much like Hillary Clinton, he got the support of Republicans who ran to him because of their nominee James G. Blaine.

Grover Cleveland in 1892, the 22 and 24 president of the United States, which is somewhat similar to another Clinton administration to follow the first one. [Image by Library of Congress/ via Public Domain
The assertion from this is that Hillary Clinton is going to have to focus on centrist policies in order to be as close to being in favor with Republicans, abandoning the progressive platform she promised to support.

But this is unlikely with the kind of aggressive supporters Donald Trump has motivated and the growing power of the Alt-Right who are willing to burn everything in order to take Clinton down.

Even the Republicans mentioned in the article who say they are voting for Hillary Clinton, are admitting that they are only doing so for fear of Donald Trump winning the election. Which specifically comes from Kori Schake, a veteran of George W. Bush’s National Security Council and State Department, and an adviser to Sen. John McCain’s 2008 presidential campaign.

“It’s because all of us are afraid of Trump. If she wants to maintain our support after, she’s going to have to address our policy concerns about the economy and America’s role in the world.”

Schake also points out that he would love nothing more than to “take down” Clinton, and that voting for her does not mean they have any love for Hillary.

The perception here is that all sides are looking get a piece of Hillary when she gets elected. Even if the turn out is that Donald Trump wins the White House, even the “lesser of two evils” should expect aggressive opposition during her first four-year term.

It’s very likely we will see another Republican-led congress, who will be quoted — as they were eight years ago — as saying they will make sure Hillary Clinton does not get a second term.

[Photo by Andrew Harnik/AP Photo]

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