Stingray Photobomb Picture Goes Viral

A stingray photobomb picture posted to of three unsuspecting swimmers surprised by a giant stingray is making it way quickly around the internet.

The stingray photobomb, which first appeared on Wednesday, appears to show someone lifting the stingray up behind three women standing in the water just as they pose for a photo, Yahoo! News blog The Sideshow reported. Since first appearing it has become an internet sensation, inspiring memes and a number of funny comments from Reddit and other sites.

Reddit commenters noted that the photo’s background looks like Stingray City, a tourist destination in the Cayman Islands where snorklers and swimmers get an up-close look at stingrays and are even encouraged to feed them ground squid.

Huffington Post Travel blogger BJ R. Siasoco wrote about the destination back in May:

Operators around the island offer tours and charter boats to Stingray City. On this trip I went on a chartered catamaran with Red Sail Sports, leaving from Rum Point on the island’s north shore. When you arrive to Grand Cayman yourself, ask your hotel or local accommodation for their recommendations, who knows, they may even know a local willing to take you out on their boat for cheap! Most tours will go to the sandbar, a perfect place for those looking for a beginner’s introduction to stingrays.

In true viral fashion, the stingray photobomb picture has already inspired a number of follow-up jokes and variations on Reddit, along with a number comments about the photo itself.

“It looks like that one guy at the party that nobody knows who invited and is hitting on every single girl,” user MoveToDenmark wrote.

A search for stingray photobomb also uncovers other pictures from what looks like the same location where people are posing with the giant sea creature. Only none are nearly as funny as the original stingray photobomb.

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