Daisey Ridley Suggests Long Wait For 'Star Wars: Episode VIII' Title

Principal photography has concluded on Star Wars: Episode VIII, with post-production work like Rian Johnson's editing and John Williams' scoring sessions officially underway. However, series star Daisey Ridley has hinted that fans may have a long time to wait before they learn the title of the highly anticipated next installment in the core Skywalker saga.

Ridley addressed the topic of the next Star Wars film briefly while appearing on the podcast My Dad Wrote a Porno this week, according to Screencrush. When asked about the title of the next episode in the saga (a crucial detail that often leads to months of fan speculation after its initial release), Ridley revealed that she had indeed heard a working subtitle for the film, but it may be subject to change.

"I heard a title, but I'm not sure if it's even going to be that. I really don't know much about anything. […] I heard it, but I heard it a long time ago before we started filming, so I feel like some things have slightly tweaked during [production]. But it's going to be a while before it's released I imagine."

Fans expecting to hear the official moniker of the next Star Wars film would no doubt be crestfallen to learn they had a long time to wait, yet it is unclear what exact timeframe Ridley is referring to. If the past is any indication whatsoever, fans should expect Disney to release the title of Episode VIII this November or December, roughly a year out from the film's debut. This is exactly the course they took when unveiling The Force Awakens, debuting the first teaser far in advance in order to allow for a year-long marketing plan.

When The Force Awakens' first teaser was released, however, there was nothing else in the Star Wars universe for it to interfere with. This year, Rogue One, the first of the Star Wars Stories films, is set to hit theaters in December, as the Inquisitr has previously noted. While some fans and media outlets have speculated that it might be a wise move for Disney to tie the reveal of Episode VIII's title (and possibly even the first teaser trailer) to the release of Rogue One, it stands to reason that it may be just as effective a move to wait until the excitement surrounding that film has died down. The pre-release marketing schedule for Rogue One was far shorter than that for The Force Awakens, after all.

In any event, it should be remembered that J.J. Abrams' film was resurrecting the saga after a decade-long absence from movie screens while ushering in a new era with Disney's ownership of the franchise and, as such, was subject to massive levels of hype.

It may be true as well that Episode VIII doesn't even have a final title yet. As Slashfilm notes, The Force Awakens only gained its actual marquee name roughly a month and a half before it was revealed to fans. Prior to that, the film was to be called Shadow of the Empire, though it was eventually decided that title was too close to the now discarded Expanded Universe series set between The Empire Strikes Back and Return of the Jedi.

Whatever the title eventually turns out to be, and however long the wait, fans can content themselves with the impending release of Rogue One and the knowledge that Star Wars: Episode VIII debuts on December 15, 2017.

[Photo by Frazer Harrison/Getty Images]