‘South Park’ Mocks Replacement Refs [Video]

The NFL is moving on from its replacement ref debacle tonight during Thursday Night Football but thanks to South Park the atrocious officiating last Monday will be immortalized in cartoon format.

Trey Parker and Matt Stone took a few shots at the NFL last night during the show’s 16th mid-season premiere.

The show focuses on Stan’s dad, Randy Marsh, who is tired of all the new safety rules in the NFL. Marsh invents “Sarcastaball,” a toned down version of football that involves bras, tinfoil hats, hugs and balloons, after his son’s youth football league eliminates kickoffs. (Something that may actually happen in the NFL.)

Last night’s South Park mocks the various safety rules in the NFL but it also sneaks in a few jabs at the replacement refs.

The cartoon shows two refs giving different signals after Peyton Manning hands the balloon off to a defender as Marsh, now the coach of the Broncos, bemoans: Nice going Replacement Refs.

Here’s a clip from the show last night.

What do you think of the new NFL rules? Are they taking the excitement out of the game?

South Park may poke fun at the new rules but they’re no laughing matter in the NFL. More than 2,000 former players are currently suing the NFL for concussion related brain damage.