‘Bachelor In Paradise’ Finale Spoilers: Which Couples Get Engaged, Who Leaves Single?

Bachelor in Paradise season three will be winding down in a few weeks and fans are wondering which couples will actually stay together. Anything can happen in paradise and was proven so when viewers saw Izzy Goodkind break Vinny Ventiera’s heart this week. It was very unexpected. Everyone thought and hoped this paradise couple would make it until the end of the season. The drama keeps heating up in Mexico, on the beaches of paradise, and now fans want to know who will survive this season and experience their relationships in the real world.

Several couples have already formed strong bonds in paradise while a few others have moved a bit slower. Currently the couples that are together are Grant Kemp and Lace Morris, Nick Viall and Jen Saviano, Josh Murray and Amanda Stanton and finally, on and off again couple, Carly Waddell and Evan Bass. There is one more couple who forms and that is Ashley Iaconetti and Wells Adams. All of these couples have great chemistry and appear to have eyes only for each other, but will that be enough for them to commit to one another at the end of the paradise season.

Reality Steve has spoilers already posted on his blog for those who can’t stand the suspense of what will play out on the season finale of Bachelor in Paradise.According to Reality Steve, the couples listed above will all make it to the final episode. The remaining couples in paradise will be offered a chance to go on an overnight date to explore their relationships further. After the overnight date is completed, the couples will be forced to decide if they are ready to commit to each other outside of paradise or go their separate ways. Will any of these Bachelor alum couples choose to stay together?

Reality Steve shares not one, but three couples will get engaged on the season three finale of Bachelor in Paradise! What happens to the other two couples? Steve says that Wells and Ashley decide to decline the overnight date and go their separate ways early. There is no proof currently that they are dating outside of paradise, but Ashley obviously appears to still be attracted to Wells on social media. Nick and Jen do accept Chris Harrison’s overnight date offer and no doubt have an amazing time. While they did have great chemistry, when the date is over the couple will mutually decide it’s better to end it. They live on opposite sides of the country, and according to Steve, have only known each other about ten days. It looks like Nick is single once again.

This leaves the remaining three couples to be Evan and Carly, Josh and Amanda and Grant and Lace or as fans have labeled them, “Grace.” In a Bachelor first, all three of these remaining couples will become engaged in paradise. Time will tell if their relationships will continue to grow and they will make it down the aisle like Tanner and Jade Tolbert did last summer.

These couples already have a ton of support from fans hoping they can make their relationships stronger and work out. Two of the three couples have been pretty good about hiding their relationships in public. One of the couples, however, is clearly in love and moving forward with their future together.

Us Weekly shared that things are looking bright post-Bachelor in Paradise for Josh and Amanda. The couple has reportedly already moved into Amanda’s California home together. Despite multiple warnings from fellow Bachelor cast members, Amanda has chosen to follow her heart and trust in Josh and her feelings for him. Josh has also been taking the high road on social media and wishing all his fellow cast members in paradise the best of luck.

Evan and Carly also beat the odds after their rocky start and become engaged in paradise. While these two have not admitted publicly they are together, Carly shared a photo of herself on Instagram with a background that identically matched Evan’s kitchen from an earlier post. It looks like this couple is still together! Fans are hoping quirky Carly will finally get her happily ever after.

Grant will also propose to Lace on the finale of paradise. They also have not been openly admitting their relationship, but they were spotted out together in public at least once since the show wrapped up filming June 26. Grant and Lace have been inseparable since the beginning of paradise after her dramatic evening with villain Chad Johnson.

Fans will not have to wait much longer to see if the paradise spoilers are all fact. Viewers will also be anxiously awaiting updates on these couples to see if there will be any weddings in the near future. Since the entire season of Bachelor in Paradise filmed in less than a month it will be exciting to learn which couples are still in love.

Don’t miss the season three finale of Bachelor in Paradise on September 6 to find out if the fate of these five couples is just as Steve predicted. Fans are also hoping to learn the official identity of the 2017 Bachelor that evening as well. Bachelor in Paradise airs on ABC Monday’s and Tuesday’s.

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