Katy Perry, Orlando Bloom Getting Married, Planning Wedding Amid Pregnancy Rumors?

Is Katy Perry rushing for marriage with Orlando Bloom? According to a new report, the actor was recently seen shopping for an engagement ring, sparking rumors that he's planning to propose to the "Rise" singer.

Katy and Orlando have only been dating since February, but sources stress that the couple knows they want to spend the rest of their lives with one another. Orlando wouldn't have made the effort in looking for a ring if he didn't believe that Katy was the woman he wanted to settle down and have children with.

"Orlando has already been shopping for rings and has his eye on a sparkler from famed jeweler Neil Lane, with a price tag said to be upward of $1 million," Gossip Cop cites OK! Magazine, stressing that Bloom isn't holding back when it comes to the engagement ring he wants to present Katy Perry with in the following months. She's clearly worth every penny to him.

But how does Perry feel about all of this?

She's on the same page as him, the insider continued, completely smitten by the 39-year-old's romantic ways. Katy Perry introduced the actor to her parents earlier this year, who both agreed when saying that Orlando is the perfect man for their daughter, stating that he's respectful and carries himself in a classy manner.

Her entire family is drawn to his fun personality, which wouldn't make it hard to see why Katy Perry is so heavily drawn to Bloom and why she wouldn't end up saying no to a proposal if Bloom was to propose in the following weeks.

According to OK! Magazine, "Orly has a romantic spot in mind on a Malibu beach where the couple was caught snogging in March," which is also said to be the place where the couple has spent most of their time as a couple.

Orlando and Katy both love being surrounded by water, so the Malibu beach is the ideal spot for the actor to pop the question.

"It's sweet that he wants to pick a place that's been meaningful for them," the source added, stressing that fans shouldn't be surprised to hear about the couple's engagement in forthcoming weeks.

Settling down and getting married has been a discussion the twosome have found themselves speaking about quite frequently as of late, OK! continues, making it known that Katy reportedly mentioned how she would opt for a small wedding if she was ever going to walk down the aisle. It would be very intimate with a number of close friends and family members in attendance.

The talk of getting married seems to have been what has pushed Orlando to start shopping for an engagement ring, which the Daily Mail also goes on to speculate about. The duo is on the same page as far as their relationship is concerned. Katy knows she wants to spend the rest of her life with Bloom, who has more or less been inseparable from the singer since confirming their romance in February.

The Lord of the Rings star tagged along for Katy's speech at Hillary Clinton's DNC last month, where he even went on to cheer on Perry's performance of her hit single "Rise," evidently proving himself to be a rather doting boyfriend.

Katy Perry has yet to comment on reports concerning her plans to start a family and get married in the near future. However, a comment from the singer's rep regarding her private affairs is very unlikely.

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