‘General Hospital’ Spoilers: Elizabeth Faces Big Decisions, Hayden Struggles, And Laura Gets A Surprise Visitor

Juicy moments are on the way with Friday’s episode of General Hospital. Spoilers detail that Elizabeth will be trying to tackle a big decision, Naomi will be visiting Heather, Alexis is under pressure, and Laura gets a surprise visitor at Wyndemere. What else can viewers expect from the August 26 show?

Alexis is struggling after the suspension of her law license, and she’s facing Sonny’s wrath over her argument with Kristina landing in a tabloid. General Hospital spoilers detail that he will be pressuring her to fix everything,and she appears to be at a loss over what to do.

However, We Love Soaps teases that a mother and daughter duo start to smooth things over in their relationship, and it sounds as if this could be referring to Kristina and Alexis. Granted, things have been complicated and intense for Hayden and Naomi as well, so viewers may see those two as the duo trying to fix their relationship.

Paul will be talking to Tracy and emphasizing how committed he is to seeing Julian convicted, but General Hospital spoilers indicate that Ava will visit her brother in jail and plead with him to fight. Given Alexis’ credibility issues at this point, is it possible that Julian will manage to regain his freedom somehow?

Elizabeth and Franco are still dancing around their slowly-progressing romance, and General Hospital spoilers share that she will be talking with him about their date. It also appears she will face a big decision, and it seems likely that this is a reference to the diamonds in her possession. It sounds as if Elizabeth and Franco will start planning a second date, but there is also possible trouble on the horizon for Liz.

Naomi heads off to visit Heather once again, and General Hospital spoilers hint that Heather will pressure Naomi to pay her another substantial sum in order to keep her big secret under wraps. It has been all but confirmed that Heather helped Naomi cover up the fact that Hayden and Elizabeth are sisters, and it sounds as if Naomi might panic over not being able to meet Heather’s demands.

Hayden is seen at Wyndemere questioning someone’s plans to depart, so it seems that Naomi might start packing her bags to leave town before her secret can come out. Will Hayden be able to convince her mother to stay put? There is a bit more action at Wyndemere during Friday’s episode as well, as Laura gets a surprising visitor. No, this won’t be Nikolas or Luke. Rather, General Hospital spoilers tease that Tristan Rogers is back as Robert Scorpio.

Franco will connect with Kevin, and General Hospital spoilers note that he will ask Kevin to help him get his job back. Now that he’s no longer under suspicion as the “Angel of Mercy” killer, it would seem plausible that he could start working again, but will Kevin agree to help him? Hayden is said to get bad news during the next show, and there are some tense moments on the way involving Hayden and Laura.

During the week of August 29, General Hospital spoilers tease that Franco will learn Heather’s secret, and Hayden gets physical with Elizabeth after learning that she has the diamonds. Someone pushes Elizabeth down some stairs, and she ends up injured, and Hayden will be a suspect in the incident. However, previews showing Elizabeth’s fall would seem to make it clear that someone else is responsible.

Andre will be facing some questions and from Paul, and General Hospital spoilers indicate that the identity of the “Angel of Mercy” killer will finally be revealed as a blackout wrecks havoc in Port Charles. Will the killer be Andre as many have come to suspect? Spinelli returns to town, and there is more on the way with Carly and Nelle as well.

How far will Naomi go to keep her secret hidden away? What does the future hold for Elizabeth and Franco as a couple? What brings Robert back to Port Charles? General Hospital spoilers detail that there is plenty of drama on the way, and fans will not want to miss where things head next.

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