FX’s ‘It’s Always Sunny’ Cast Replaced In Season 8 Premiere

FX has been responsible for having one of the most successful comedy blocks around, and it has It’s Always Sunny Philadelphia to thank for that. In October the series launches its season premiere of its eighth season. However, one thing is noticeably different: FX has decided to axe the whole cast.

The cast, which is comprised of Charlie Day, Glenn Howerton, Kaitlin Olson and creator Rob McEhenney will not be kicking the season off with their usual hijinks. Instead they have been replaced with child actor Haley Joel Osment, Chael Sonnen, Candice Cameron from Full House fame, rapper XZiBiT and Andrew Dice Clay in Danny DeVito’s role. Now for those of you who are wondering if you’ve been punked, it looks like you have been as this arrangement is only temporary for the season opener.

It’s obvious to see that the cast and crew of It’s Always Sunny aren’t short of new ideas, which is to be expected especially since the series just received another renewal that will see the hijinks of Charlie, Dennis, Mac, and Dee into the fall of 2013.

In promotion of the upcoming season FX has decided to air a short spot titled “Has The Sun Finally Set In Philly?” featuring the “new crew” of Osment, Sonnen, Cameron, and XZiBiT discussing the pros of a “Baby Tan.”

Now that the runaway hit Wilfred and Louie have ended their seasonal runs, the comedy block from FX starts with The League, and of course, It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia.

Are you excited for the new season to start?

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