Google Street View Maps Coming To Safari’s iOS Browser In ‘Next Few Weeks’

Google may not have an official iOS map application ready for release at this time, but the company is reportedly preparing to release Street View maps for the Safari mobile browser in the “next few weeks” according to sources close to the platform.

First reported by the New York Times‘ David Pogue, the search giant will release the new Street Views program as a way to grab attention away from the lousy Apple Maps application. Apple’s new mapping program replaced Google’s own offering with the recent release of Apple’s iOS 6 platform. The Times also claims that Google has already submitted its full iOS 6 app to Apple for review, a claim Google has not yet confirmed.Google and Apple have not gotten along since the search firm rolled out Google Android as a direct competitor to the iOS line of devices. Apple, which still had one year left on its Google Maps contract, chose to abandon the platform.

According to All Things Digital‘s John Paczkowski, Apple may have been trying to negotiate with Google to include voice turn-by-turn directions in Maps. Google, however, wanted further branding on Apple devices, which the company was not willing to give.

A Wall Street Journal report in June backed up those negotiations, noting that Google had asked for Latitude geolocation support for Apple devices, a request Apple denied.

Since releasing iOS 6 on September 19, Apple has watched a massive number of users complain about its mapping program, which often provides incorrect directions and incorrect information about venues. In some cases, entire streets have just failed to exist on Apple Maps. In other cases, Apple Maps have provided old and grainy satellite imagery.Some analysts believe Google will hit Apple when its down, releasing 3D mapping that combines Google Maps with Google Street Views to create a highly advanced mapping experience that is years ahead of Apple’s own efforts.

In the meantime, Apple headhunters are believed to be actively seeking out former Google Maps employees in an attempt to better their product for future releases.

Will you download and use a third-party Google Maps application in place of Apple Maps?