Fox News’ Megyn Kelly Deals With Hillary Clinton ‘Bigotry’ Accusations Against Donald Trump

Thursday evening’s The Kelly File was one of the most hard-hitting in months. Megyn Kelly began the show by telling her audience how the presidential race had just taken an ugly turn, perhaps a turn worse than anything we’ve seen before, that includes charges of bigotry and racism coming from both sides.

“Today, both Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump hit the campaign trail and delivered stinging rebukes of the others’ record,” Kelly said, right before showing a video of Hillary speaking about Donald Trump.

“From the start, Donald Trump has built his campaign on prejudice and paranoia. He is taking hate groups mainstream and helping a radical fringe take over the Republican party,” Clinton said in a very serious tone.

Donald Trump’s response was stinging.

“What does she do when she can’t defend her record?” Trump asked his audience, who screamed that she lies.

“She lies. And she smears. And she paints decent Americans as racists. It’s the last of the discredited Democrat politician,” Trump continued.

Hillary Clinton Donald Trump
Has Hillary Clinton gone too far in her accusations against Trump? [Photo by Darren McCollester/Getty Images]
Some sources have criticized Hillary Clinton for trying to take the attention away from her scandals surrounding her emails and the Clinton Foundation. BizPac Review is one of those sources.

“In what can only be described as a despicable act of desperation, Hillary Clinton is attempting to connect the Ku Klux Klan to her Republican rival for the White House, Donald Trump.”

The article adds that the only supposed connection between the Klan and Trump is that some present and former Klan members support Trump.

After Megyn Kelly played more videos of Clinton and Trump soundbites, she had Fox News analyst Charles Krauthammer speak.

“Well, I’m not sure they’ve advanced their cause very much. I think for Clinton the idea is first to take the focus off herself. It’s been a bad week. Whenever she can go on the offense and make Trump the issue, she’s ahead,” Krauthammer told Kelly, who asked him how the candidates currently stand.

After Krauthammer admitted that some of Donald Trump’s associations may be questionable, he said that you can’t always attribute guilt by association and used Hillary herself, who met with #BlackLivesMatter, as an example. He noted some of the stuff extremists in the group have said, which includes wishing death among police officers, has been terrible. He thinks Hillary Clinton is being very hypocritical in her accusations against Donald Trump.

Donald Trump Hillary Clinton
Donald Trump has been criticized for some of the types of people cheering for his campaign. [Photo by Elijah Nouvelage/Getty Images]
Krauthammer wasn’t completely dismissive of Clinton; he said he thought she made strong arguments when she actually quoted Trump saying unsavory things. He used the example of when Hillary quoted Trump’s statements, which were seen as racist, against Judge Curiel, an American official of Hispanic descent.

Kelly noted that after Trump hired people from Breitbart to take over his campaign, he has been giving improved speeches that have been praised for being more specific to his messages. Kelly then asked Krauthammer about Trump’s counterattack, which included Trump telling his audience that the Republicans never fight back.

“I’ve seen this now for endless election cycles. The Republicans are always given that broad brush, and many are afraid to defend themselves,” Krauthammer said before indicating that some Republicans even go overboard in trying to defend themselves, using statements about Obama that Senator John McCain made in 2008 that many thought were too nice and didn’t deal with important issues.

Megyn Kelly tried to be as objective as possible about the situation. We’ll see if Kelly can keep her objective stance on The Kelly File as the campaign keeps getting uglier and uglier.

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