6 Times Donald Trump Shaded President Obama And The Democratic Party On Twitter, Watch The Don Totally Shut Down Obama On Social Media

Donald Trump has once again proven he would be a level-headed, temperate leader. Just kidding! Where’s the fun in that? Trump wouldn’t be the candidate America loves to hate (hates to love?) if he weren’t up to something controversial. And he never seems to disappoint.

Donald Trump speaks to followers at a campaign rally in Jackson, MS, August 2016. [Photo by Jonathan Bachman/Getty Images]
The Republican Party presidential nominee has managed to keep heads from both sides of the aisle turned by verbally destroying political opponents and making hyperbolic claims such as wanting to build a 500-feet-high wall between the U.S. and Mexico. Whether you love The Don or hate him, there’s no arguing his campaign claims have entertainment value. So, without further ado, here are five times The Donald totally destroyed Obama and the Democratic Party on Twitter.

#1: Race Baiting By Not Race-Baiting?

The Don attempts to win the African-American vote by telling everyone how Hillary Clinton is pandering to African-Americans but won’t actually do anything about issues of importance to them. Not sure if race-baiting or just plain trolling.

Whereas Hillary has been claiming that her opponent is no good for African-American voters, he has also claimed the same about the former secretary of State. Sort of begs the question of whether he understands irony.

#2: Mike America Great Again

Even though The Don doesn’t directly say it, we all know who he’s calling out in this tweet. President Obama was widely criticized for not cancelling the rest of his vacation to get to the site of devastating floods in Louisiana faster. Obama did visit the flood sites eventually, but at that point many people just saw it as a half-baked attempt to make himself look better. You didn’t really think the Celebrity Apprentice mastermind would miss a chance to rag on a political opponent, did you?

Shady! The Republican Party presidential nominee is fast becoming the Mariah Carey of politics. Trump also shot down another supposed faux pas by the president, which brings us to…

#3. Don’t Let The Terrorists Win

As Politico discovered, Trump claimed that the $400 million the U.S. paid to Iran was essentially a ransom payment as laid out by the nuclear agreement Obama forged with the Iranians. Obama denied the claims that he funded terrorism as part of the Iranian nuclear agreement. The Don then got busy a-tweeting.

Looks like Obama’s got some ‘splainin to do.

#4. You’ve Got Mail

This time, the native New Yorker took off the kid gloves. He directly attacked Hillary Clinton’s claims that she did not mix business emails with personal ones when she was secretary of State. Apparently, The Donald seemed to think Hillary did mix business with pleasure, much to his anger.

The billionaire has also attacked FBI Director James Comey for not pressing formal charges against Hillary even though an investigation seemed to suggest her guilt. Shots fired!

#5. Trump Owns A University, But Hillary’s Getting Schooled

Trump tweeted out a link to his Facebook, where he posted his thoughts on the non-profit Clinton Foundation. In a lengthy rant, he accused Hillary of being “the defender of the corrupt status quo” and charged the Clintons of using the foundation to line their own pockets. He even goes on to call the Foundation the “most corrupt enterprise in history.” Simple, yet effective.

#6. Crony Clinton?

Trump has long accused Hillary of being in league with the very special interests she claims she’ll defeat as president. Hillary’s former opponent, Bernie Sanders, made similar claims when he opined that Hillary’s campaign was funded by big banks and Wall Street. Whether there’s any truth to this or not, Trump is not hesitant to call Ms. Clinton out on it.

Trump has claimed multiple times that the media is “crooked” and is essentially shutting him out in favor of Clinton. In another tweet, he states that he’s been drawing big crowds to his events, but the media won’t talk about it. In one post, he even attacks specific anchors and calls them “clowns.” If you’re not reading these tweets in his voice, there’s honestly no point in reading them at all.

Supporters cheer on Donald Trump at a campaign rally at the Mississippi Coliseum, August 24, 2016. [Photo by Jonathan Brachman/Getty Images]
That’s all for now. Be sure to stay tuned for more of the latest antics in the 2016 presidential nominations.

Trump is the life of the (Republican) Party. [GIF via Giphy]
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