New York City Train Pervert Kevin Cuffe Arrested Days After Queens Woman Publicized Lewd Act On Social Media

A Bronx man who was angrily confronted by a woman for pleasuring himself on an IRT No. 2 train was quickly arrested for his act of depravity.

New York Daily News reported on Thursday (August 25) that Kevin Cuffe, 23, was picked up by police for public lewdness just days after a video of him masturbating behind a backpack was captured and shared online by Deanna Carter of Queens. In the two-minute clip, which was posted here on the Inquisitr, Carter allegedly captures him at the end of his “performance” and defiantly calls him out on his public moment of perversion.

“What are you doing? You over here rubbing your d**k,” Carter inquires, as Cuffe is seen attempting to cover himself. “What the f**k are you doing? You wanna do that freaky sh*t? Do that sh*t off the motherf**king train.”

After ensuring that the entire train car is privy to the situation, Carter then forced the touchy-feely Cuffe to exit at the next stop, Times Square/42nd Street. He did as he was told.

According to Kevin, however, who has since been released on his own recognizance, Deanna was incredibly mistaken.

“I was just looking at her and then she just started yelling at me,” he explained to the Daily News. “[She was] cursing me out [and then, she] kicked me off the train.”

Carter, meanwhile, maintains that Cuffe was indeed aroused and touching himself. During an interview about the ordeal with ABC-7, she explained that had it not been for a little girl on the train asking what the 23-year-old was doing, she probably would have remained silent.

“I know [my reaction] was very, very, very abrasive,” she said, “[but] “if it happened again, I would do it again. I was so mad, fear was the last thing on my mind. My main thing was, there were two girls sitting on the train with [their] mother.” She also says that the mother in question ultimately thanked her for telling the man with the fondling hands off.

Surprisingly, this is not the first time Cuffe has allegedly been caught in the act. As also noted in Thursday’s Daily News report, another instance of his public masturbation was captured by yet another woman, Nicole De’Chabert, in December of last year. Just as how Carter witnessed recently, De’Chabert saw Kevin allegedly pleasuring himself behind his backpack and filmed it to expose him, so to speak, to the public-at-large and to law enforcement as well.

In an ironic twist, Cuffe was quickly released from custody that time, too, after claiming that he couldn’t control himself because he suffered from autism.

“Ladies, [please] watch [your] surroundings on the NYC subways,” Nicole recently wrote on the original video post, which was updated to note Carter’s experience with Cuffe. “He was [exposed] many months after [another woman’s video] went viral. [We both] stepped up, [but] he was caught but released with a misdemeanor, so he’s liable to still be doing this lewd act.”

In De’Chabert’s video, a female passenger sitting directly next to Cuffe seems to notice that he’s pleasuring himself, but says nothing on the matter.

“When I looked very closely [at Deanna’s video],” Nicole shared with PIX-11 on August 17, “I said, that’s the same guy I’ve seen many months ago over the holiday season.” Cuffe was picked up the very next day for both instances, according to the site.

The New York Post additionally mentioned that Cuffe was arrested twice in the past, but documents on those cases are currently sealed. His next court appearance for the lewd act charge is on October 20. No word on whether or not Carter or De’Chabert will be ordered to testify against him.

[Photo by Chris Hondos/Getty Images]

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